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Canted Flywheel Cage FPS figures

Hi all,

I was chronoing my blaster at tech day which has a DRS Modulus/Demolisher printed fwc with Hellcats running off an oldish(?) 3s 25-35c 1.5Ah LiPo (apologies, I'm doing this from memory, I should of taken a pic) at 11v charge.
The cage is/was for all intents and purposes brand new with only about 18 darts put through.
I wanted to see what effect would be of shortening the guide 'barrel' the cage comes with on it's muzzle velocity.
First test of 10 were coming out between 90-150 weighted towards the top end but I think that maybe one of the lasers was interfering with the chronograph as the next two sets of ten were pretty much all grouped between 95 and 110.
I then swapped in the FF guide barrel and put 2x10 through which seemed to improve the figures up to between 100 and 115...

So not all scientific (I tried to use the same elites throughout). I plan on getting a chrono at some point for testing changes to the build and there's lots of things I need to look at (I didn't give it a lot of thought when I assembled the cage and placed the flywheels and motors), but I've realised I don't seem to have any data to compare it to. I know the cant spends some of the imparted energy on spin so i don't think it's any good trying to compare it to in line fwcs.

Can anyone point me towards canted fwc data sets or can anyone share what numbers they're getting with their canted builds? (Even if it's anecdotal it would be great help to see some kind of bench marks).


I haven't tested any canted foywheeel builds, because chanting is not what is making the power, the choice of motors/wheels/crush is what is making the fps increase. Brass guides should be wholly unecessary in a well set up system but I understand some cages require them.
I should issue a word of warning about chrono figures from tech day. Whilst every effort was made to minimise interfearance and a proper LED lighting kit was used on the chrono, there were numerous flourescent tubes in the room and artificial light can cause wide fluctuations in readings, particularly top end.
I always do full "proof of concept" testing outside, in natural light, with brand new darts. I use Elites but Koosh are OK too. If you want to use my data as a baseline use Elites, if you use Boffs use Koosh.
If you want to borrow my chrono, PM me and it's yours for cost of shipping for a week. Must go fully insured/tracked 150 value do it's about 11 each way.
I need it for the big chrono shoot out, then it's available.

That's a really nice offer, thanks mate. I'm not very good with the waiting though so I think I'll get myself one of those xcoretech do-dahs use it to measure relative velocity changes then check it against a more professional affair like yours when I get chance to see how accurate it is. Any tips on what to look out for when buying?

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