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Cheap Obstacles/Cover

I purchased one of these pop-up toilet tents recently to serve as a secondary spray booth and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. At only 13, it would easily serve as decent obstacle for an event and they're even available in camo colours.

My question is, what do you all use for your games and how cost effective are they?

Cardboard boxes and packaging, free, fold flat, very useful for making a variety of shapes. Not so good outside as they blow over. Get all boxes from the same place to give easy handling, only tape with short lengths of packing tape.
Seaside windbreaks- free out of skips in camp sites!
Excellent outside and quick to put up, they can be a bit linear though.
Scrap tent flysheets and spinnaker sails- Free
Can be put on top of broom handles hammered in the ground outside or over chairs/stools inside.
Good for a variety of shapes, easy to carry in a stuff bag and washable. Can be blown over/away outside but the tent canvas has peg loops.

We tried the boxes at the earlier GuN sessions, and found them a faff to store, and build, and they became a trip/slip risk if a kid collides with them and they collapse.

I'm using my pvc barriers, which are working really well for me in the indoor venue I have. They either flip over or collapse into their constituent parts when collided with, and provide a nice mix of semi soft / hard cover (25% of darts during event will go thru the camo nets).
Main downside is they take up a LOT of space if left assembled, and a fair amount of space when disassembled (I use a big backpacking rucksack for the 1m pipe length, an ikea bag for the feet pieces, and an ikea bag for the camo nets).
And they take over a minute a piece to put up or take apart, so my full compliment of 23 barriers takes up more than my 30 minutes setup time I have at the venue!

We have 6 pop up tents and they make for a lot of cover, can be quickly set up and taken down.

Bristol Blast are currently growing the collection of PVC barriers, and at some point get some tent pegs to use them outside in the summer.

On the pop up side of things they have smaller, wider pop up beach shelters on ebay at a similar price for variety.

And still on pup up but without the cheep part, I want these for team bases in red and blue

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