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Cheapo Rival Balls: a warning

Last month I ordered 100 knock off Rival HIR balls from China via the ol' eBay. When they turned up I opened the bag and immediately noticed that while they look like the real thing, they certainly don't feel like it. Some were rock solid to touch, some were marshmallow soft, and the rest were somewhere in between.

I immediately started testing them out with my Atlas and found that sometimes they fire fine: two balls with good power behind them. However, sometimes only one ball would fire; though usually still with a decent power. This meant that there was one ball stuck in the breach still. Sometimes it'd be followed again by only one ball, or sometimes it'd be three; sometimes all three would fire with power, other times all 3 would just flop out 10 feet away.

Basically the balls were super inconsistent, and so I relegated them to storage and marked it down as a bad purchase experience.

Fast forward to last night, where I decided to go through the bag and separate out the balls into different groups based on their firmness: super-soft, soft, and medium to be dumped, rock hard and not quite rock hard to be kept because I assumed they'd work fine.

Again, massive inconsistencies with firing. If I put just 2 hard balls in the mag and loaded they fire fine, but if I fill the mag with hard balls I get single shots mixed with double and triple shots. I decided to play around with the softer variants to see if they provided any uniformity.

And then this happened....

A super-soft ball remained in the breach while the lift picked up two more rounds. As the lift lowered and the breech returned back (on the forward motion of the prime) the super-soft round slipped out of the breech and got stuck between the breech lip and lift tube. The returning breech cut through the ball, but even with it getting squidged below the tubing, it jammed the blaster right up: couldn't complete the forward prime; couldn't re-prime.

And so once again I ended up stripping my Atlas apart. Still, I took the opportunity to remove the AR and add a rubber O-ring to the end of the plunger tube to help dampen the massive bang of firing. Every cloud an' all that...

The Atlas still remains a mixed bag for me. I want to love it, I really do, but it's still got problems that need ironing out. I'm wondering if I do the single shot conversion whether the issues with non-Nerf rounds will be resolved. I've yet to find time/focus to do a hopper fed conversion, but it's on the list (still).

In the meantime, if anyone wants 60 odd knock-off Rival rounds in super-soft to medium firmness, they're free to a good home. From reading various reviews, they should work with all other Rival blasters pretty well; it's just the Atlas that struggles with them.

Do you have a source link for them at all? Do they have any kind of stamped identifier on them at all?

I've found that NextX and Cornucopia V2 have been just fine in all our Rival blasters. However, I should note that the Atlas in particular is a fussy bugger that makes everyone sad.

Yes please for the Grim up Nerf dart pool. We'll give 'em a go - no one's turned up with an atlas since me and bguk had them (and mines now moved home!).

boff: Here's the eBay source;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I just went for the cheapest option I could find at the time, because it was going to be for the hopper conversion I plan to do. If I remember correctly they have a little H stamped on them as opposed to the official N stamp, but I could be wrong.

I'm hoping the single shot conversion for the Atlas will solve the inconsistencies/fussiness encountered with all rounds so far, but I'm not feeling full of enthusiasm for doing the work right now.

old_man_nerf: PM me postage details and I'll get them in the post up to you next week: unless you have any GuN folks coming to BB6/Blastersmiths day this weekend?

Its possibly just an Atlas thing - i've had the same symptoms with the official HIR's and Hardballz

Ta for the link. I'll grab some to test for GC but if they're as variable as you say then they're no good. I know it's a pain to get consistency over the batch with this process but a bit of QC can sort things for you.

Treezy wrote:
BB6/Blastersmiths day this weekend?

You realise Tech Day is next month, not Sunday? Right? Smile

Boff wrote:
You realise Tech Day is next month, not Sunday? Right? Smile

Yeah, I'm getting my dates mixed up because Tech Day is the day after (a) Bristol Blast.

My brain hurts because I've been scrolling through lines and lines of lists and spread sheets all day, I'm not thinking straight at all. I just want it to be the weekend!

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