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Choosing a Diode

I have a non-Nerf project I'm working on for shits and giggles and I need to protect the circuit from reverse polarity. I would like to use a simple diode to do this but I'm not really sure what value it needs to be.

I've thought about using a transistor instead (or indeed a MOSFET) but it's a silly project and I don't really want to spend any pennies on it. Since I have a huge bag of assorted diodes and the voltage drop isn't really an issue I thought I'd take the simple route.

The circuit is 12v and doesn't pull more than 3A.

I would just try any old diode out your box, if it pops get anther in there.

The Vishay BY-500-800 that we recommend for the Rapidstrike circuits would work just fine. Razz

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