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Chrome Blaster Paint?

I'm not currently at the stage where I can paint my current work in process but I've been looking around for paint work idea's trying to find something I like the look of for inspiration when I came across the following image.

This looks really nice, I like the style, and overlaying colours like this isn't something I've done before so that's interesting. Now as the title of this thread is "Chrome Blaster" you can probably guess what the question will be about.

So Chrome.... is this something I can actually buy a rattle can of and spray it on a blaster, if so has anyone done it before?

Obviously a quick google shows that this kind of paint exists, I'm more after if this paint is going to work on a blaster and has anyone experience?

If it's not something that'll work on plastic for some reason then I'll probably go with some kind of car metallic silver paint, not the same thing but it's reasonably close, unless I come across another style I like.

Seeing as I was thinking of a purple and green blaster to start with I'm quite fluid when it comes to the colour scheme until I've actually bought the paint.

Haha, that looks like my first car I created on Need for Speed Underground!

Back when I worked for Halfords on of my colleagues used chrome repair tape to cover an entire Matchbox car. Then he gave the stapler a chrome flame wrap. It takes time to do, but it's quite malleable stuff so will push into recesses quite well. You are left with the join lines from one piece of tape to another though, and it's not the brightest of chrome finishes, but it certainly looks impressive when an entire object is covered in it.

I've seen quite a few cars done with chrome finishes that become super-reflective and almost colour changing/prismatic in the sunlight: there's a chromed Aston Martin available for hire someone near to me. But again, I think most of these are done with a wrap rather than a paint.

A quick look on Halfords website turns up this:

Also found this site, which looks like they might have something worthwhile:

There is a model paint called "Spaz Stixs Mirror Chrome" that reputedly works as described in producing a chrome finish. It needs a perfectly flat gloss black base as it's designed to go on the inside of clear RC car shells.
Humbrol Metalcote is reputedly good too. What you see on cars is usually a wrap or multi stage liquid paint and clear (.) There are also silver or foil leaf sheets which would build on your gold experience.
I would paint test panels first, as many of these paints I have seen were either very bad, very reactive or both. All want a very deep black base coat/primer.

OldNoob wrote:
which would build on your gold experience.

My gold experience has taught me that that's not going to happen, it was an interesting experience but not one I'm in a rush to duplicate, well not at that scale anyway.

The other products look good, specially the humbrol at it's designed to be used on plastic.

The guys at have some interesting paint, but when I saw the price it was a big fat NOPE.

I use an "Aluminium" rattle can sometimes that I get from my local shop, can't remember the brand off hand but I'll have a look when I get a chance but it works well and comes out very chrome like. I've also used the humbrol metalcote stuff for smaller details before and it gives a good finish.

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