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Chronograph Dart Catcher

So not sure if this belongs i this section but I did modify a cardboard box so it counts as a modification.

Anyway may I present my Chronograph dart catcher. After doing a few chrono tests in the back garden I was quickly fed up of then having to pick all the wet dirty darts up from the ground afterwards so I came up with this.

So a fairly simple but effective solution. What we have is a big box which has an old folded up single duvet in the back of it and then a small lip added at the front to stop the darts rolling out. The darts hit the padding loose all their energy and drop straight down into the tray for collection after. The added bonus of the padding is that if I'm having to fire the new darts more than once in a string for testing they are taking no damage from slamming into the brick wall which is handy for keeping them in good condition especially from some of the more powerful blasters.

It works an absolute treat.

Quick video of it in action,

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