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Clear Series Retalicon

Hi guys and gals

I've finally finished my upgraded clear series retalicon!
I wanted a stefan shooter that wasnt a longshot and the clear recon is so nice I couldn't say no.
FPS wise it's hitting 120-130 pretty consistently and the prime is fairly reasonable.

Overall I'm very happy with it and whilst it's hardly the most complicated of mods as its mostly just replacing pre-made parts, I'm pretty proud of it!

Parts are as follows:

Internal Parts:
- Artifact Retaliator kit
- Artifact Breech / Barrel adaptor
- Artifact Trigger
- Artifact Boltsled
- Xplorer Plunger and Plunger tube
- BlasterParts Catch spring and 'Guiding shell'
- NerfTurf 10KG Spring
- Retaliator trigger catch

External Parts:
- Clear series recon (orange paint removed)
- Clear series recon barrel
- Worker Pump kit
- Worker Clear grip
- Worker Clear stock
- Retaliator jam door and dart holder (Just because the black looks better than orange!)
- Artifact Clear 20 dart mags x6

I managed to get a clear raider extendable stock, it was my initial intention to use this instead of the worker stock but when priming the blaster it wasnt strong enough and tended to bend down. Also due to it only having one clip it wasn't very secure.

I'm currently experimenting with different darts as its common knowledge that the kit has a very high tendancy to jam with artifact darts - so far I've found FVJs to be very effective but I've also found that Artifact tips (grey in the mag) and Worker tips (black in the mag) on streamline foam are brilliant. I've just got to get the hang of gluing them on properly as the first few were a bit ropey and either had a rim of glue and jammed or blew the tips off!

Hats off to Artifact for making such good quality and affordable aluminium parts, though I don't know why they don't make them in the same colours!
I suppose it adds to the charm...
The screw through the bolt sled instead of a pin is a particularly good idea as it doesn't fall out.

My only major issue with any of the parts is the breech / barrel adaptor. Unlike the stock Nerf part which secures via two screws AND making a lot of contact with the inside of the blaster, the Artifact part only secures via the two screws and a small amount of contact where it passes through the shell - this isn't enough and it pivots a little bit on the screw ports which will eventually cause them to break.
I would advise to anyone who buys this part to make some spacers (as I intend to do) to fill the gaps on either side of the side tabs - this should stop the problem.
Also use longer screws than the ones that are there originally.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks and if you've got any questions please ask, I'll do my best to answer them!

Thanks very much for looking


Really nice work, please resize the pictures to the required 600x400. Thank you! ON


I've added a magic imgur "large thumbnail" suffix "l" between the image ID no. and the file extension of each image as per the Imgur API (second table entitled "Image Thumbnails") to force the image to resize to 640px wide. The forum does have an auto-resize script but it has to load the images before it can resize them and three images at 4032x3024 pixels each is asking a bit much. Guidance for posting and resizing images using various hosting sites (including imgur) can be found in the "How to add images to forum posts" thread.



#Crysis3 Epic build!!!! So does the blasterparts guiding shell do the trick of converting it to retaliator internals?

Aldegar wrote:
#Crysis3 Epic build!!!! So does the blasterparts guiding shell do the trick of converting it to retaliator internals?

Yeah it does, it saves making a PVC spacer or whatever for the spring to rest on!

I bought the blasterparts spring hoping that it would be powerful enough but it seems a little on the weak side so I got the NerfTurf spring to replace it.
It was helpful for the guiding shell and stronger catch spring though!

Any additional notes on fitting the direct plunger set up in a recon? I too want a crysis3 build but only with the full worker body kit
The Dark Kitten

Very very nice.
I want to try the same concept with my Artifact breech.
The clear series obviously is the choice and we can see its stunning results here
Excellent work!

Aldegar wrote:
Any additional notes on fitting the direct plunger set up in a recon? I too want a crysis3 build but only with the full worker body kit

Its pretty easy to do, you only need to make afew small cuts so the end of the plunger tube can fit properly - pSykSG has a video guide on youtube for it!

Ok so I'd just like to give an update to this build as I've now sold the blaster

For what the advice is worth, if you're going to get an artifact kit then get one for the Longshot!

I did enjoy using it in a retal but in my opinion the platform isn't strong enough when using a 10kg+ spring load - there was far too much bending when pumping and I was worried the lugs the barrel attachment point screws into we're likely to fail

The main issue I found with the kit was darts... if the foam has a slightly larger diameter then they just get stuck in the barrel and / or blow the tips off - I'm assuming the substantially larger plunger tube in the Longshot solves this issue.
The darts also have to be in good condition otherwise they either fold up in the breech and jam, or you they'll shoot all over the place - a bit irritating really

On the plus side, when everything goes smoothly the kit really performs - I had some laser accurate shots that were astounding!

And now OldNoob gets to laugh and say 'I told you so'


Edit: 08/05/2017

Ok so whilst I've sold this blaster, its still in my care and I've been doing some work on it.

The Worker Stefan Kit for the retal is a MUCH better buy than the Artifact kit (or at least the generation I bought)
The Worker kit has a much better design in almost every way:

- It makes much better use of the pegs inside the shell so is held in place securley.
- The barrel / muzzle is also one pice so its literally drop in and play rather than messing about for ages trying to get the barrel to align properly.
- I've yet to have any darts get jammed in the barrel (maybe this is down to it being plastic not annodised aluminium), the Artifact kit would jam all the time.
- The pusher is one piece so doesnt undo itself continually.

The blaster is now functioning a lot better so I'm pretty happy.

On the down side the clear shell died, it was pretty beat up when I got it so now several screw ports have failed. Hopefully I can find a tasty replacement as its now just in the standard elite blue body.

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