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ComIng Soon to a McDonald's Near You

So. I took the sprog to the evil fun house that is McDonald's.  He had a happy meal, and whilst we were stuffing our faces I noticed this:

I've never known McDonald's to have done this before. I'm really interested in what kind of crappy toys Nerf will have their name slapped on in association with the Clown.

Here's a picture I coloured whilst arguing with the sprog about eating his nuggets.


Maybe a Secret / Pocket Strike type blaster???????

Sounds about right. But they normally have a different toy each week for about 4-6 weeks. They can'take all be a different colour. That would suck.

I'd like to see something that would get them interested in Nerf. Rather than just a gimmick to stuff a burger in their faces.

Something decidedly different each week. Shows they put some thought and effort into it.

I suspect we will see a re issue of the happy meal toys used in the US. Sone were just water squirters. Most are listed on the wiki.

What they should have done is provide parts of a blaster, you would need to collect all the parts and build it.
McDonald's creating the next gen modders.

We're all hyped for something useful however, it could be a squishy football or a dog toy.

Absolutely. Most likely going to be rubbish.  But how cool would a 'build your own blaster' be!
Tanithlord     sorry to shatter expectations Smile

After ON mentioned US toys and a wiki page, I went hunting... found this, and have been pi$$ed off ever since.  This isn't Nerf Nerf... this is something else Sad

I was right, I new it would be Nerf Sports, the line no-one cared about.
daniel k

What would you rather didn't exist: this or the deploy/centurion ect.?


That's brilliant!
I have recently obtained a Deploy in a job lot sale.......

The flashing TIG button could be useful?

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