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Converting AA to C size

Anyone got any tips for quickly converting AA batteries to C sized cells, other than shipping some of the cheapo plastic body converters from the far east?

Would like a solution before BB6 in Feb, so I have the option of running a Rapidstrike on my IMRs (Hence not risking waiting on shipping times from far east)

You shouldn't run anything C or D  sized off a 14500 IMR. The RS draws 10A peak on stock motors, 14500 IMR can provide 8A burst, you are right on the edge IMO for any sort of safety. You would be far better soldering a pack connector onto the end of the stock loom as shown here and running a 2s pack. I can bring a spare if you use XT60 connectors.
Even if you used a 2p C adaptor that puts two parrellel Aa cells in each C adaptor you still have 4 high resistance tray springs that are designed for about 5A peak which can become hot under higher load.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Q&A and New members
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