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Cosmetic damage to blasters

My blaster will be exactly a month old tomorrow, and has already sustained some cosmetic damage - once where it made contact with someone else's blaster, slightly chipping the iron sight on the front, and then last night when I scraped the stock against a wall during the final moments of a game.  The handle was already slightly chipped when I bought it.

I am normally very careful with my things and have been storing the blaster away from where small, curious hands could get hold of it and damage it.

How badly damaged is the paintwork of your blasters?  I assume this is par for the course when charging around the house and something to not care too much about?

My paint tends not to be damaged very easily. Some of my older unpainted springer have a pleasing level of wear. Old favourites acquire character in use, just like any good tool.

Cosmetic damage is the sign of a well used blaster, a badge of honour if you will.

I did a candy paintjob for my daughter, with multiple layers, and lots of lacquer, and she's managed to get a few scratches in it. Downside to a cheap lacquer...

But, I don't stress about it!

I gold leafed a blaster a few months back and by the end of it's first outing at Grim up Nerf it already had some scratches and scrapes. If I wanted it to be pristine, the only option is not to use it.

Even the best paint will scratch if you hit it hard enough or on the wrong thing but it should still be pretty durable. Scraping against rough cast walls is always going to test a finish though. (scrape a lump of steel against concrete and it'll scratch never mind paint)

So personally I pretty much have 3 approaches. My #1 springer is just stock plastic- nothing deals with knocks better- if I can leave it plastic I do. Other blasters I plan to really game with don't get first class paint because I can't see much point, it won't stay great, and I don't ever want to feel like "oh better be careful with that blaster" when I'm playing. And things I make really pretty, most likely end up being trailer queens  Laughing But ymmv.

(I drive a scabby car, and as a result I don't mind filling it with tools when I'm trailbuilding, or driving it quick offroad then parking it in a ditch, or leaving it places it might get knocked. If I had my dream car, I'd not be happy to use it like that- so it'd end up less fit for purpose than my denty scratchy filthy mondeo)

Most of my mods involve cosmetic damage.

Cosmetic damage, what cosmetic damage? Very Happy

This is both my Rapidstrike and Stryfe together. The RS doesn't get much use (FA is for newbs :p ) but with the right paint, they're still shining a couple of years later.

I plumped for ON's paint work many, many moons ago because I knew that my stuff would go through the grinder. I play rough and at some of the toughest events (for hardware, not players) in the UK. Between running full tilt through a forest, firing as I go, crawling between camps through fern, diving into cover on and off dirt/rock tracks and sliding down embankments into skirmishes over the course of a weekend my stuff gets put through it all. After each event, it gets a light wipe down with a jay cloth, dried with a towel and it goes back on the wall. This is it after this season's usage. I usually send it to ON for a touch up once a season if it needs it, just to keep it looking nice.

If you ever get the chance to a get an FDS build, grab it with both hands, re-mortgage a kidney, sell a house, whatever just do it. It's worth it.

On Friday I purchased a Rough Cut.

I spent ages looking through all 10 in the shop - 9 of them had imperfections with their construction or paint, but I managed to get one that was perfect.

Until I got home, opened it and found the paint had a chip on the other side :-s

Most of my blasters are chipped or damaged in some manner, autistic temper tantrums yo.

I repaint most of my blasters even if it just looks stock, I use enamel to touch up the paint job from the factory, nothing irks me more than a blaster with deco only on one side and cool details which are base plastic or a wobbly splattered paint job.

In addition I do minor touch ups like adding silver paint to the faux screws and switches. Some of the old elite line had some cool silver details (looking at you longstrike).

As my guns get worn and some horrible base orange/blue shows through I repair it with silver enamel or gun metal grey so if I get a big chip (like on a painted scope I dropped) I clean it up and repair it with silver and black enamel to make it look like battle damage. Gives it a nice worn feeling.

This also is doubly fun as I know which kit is mine and it gives it some history Wink

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