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Crimson red-strike series

So I know that the crimson red-strike series is rare as it was a one day release, but how rare is in. I presume it is more rare than a gear-up series, or am I wrong. What's everyone's thoughts?

I quote from the wiki:

"Red Strike is a sub-series of N-Strike blasters. These blasters feature red plastic casings and were released during "Black Friday" sales in 2009.
They were exclusive to Walmart."

Pretty rare if you ask me, or at least here anyway Razz

That being said, I've got the crimson recon thanks to Banterman who picked one up in a job lot.
No idea how it got here...

The Vulcan pops up on ebay in the states fairly regularly but anything else from the series is hard to find - especially the Longshot, I'm under the impression they sell for $200- $300

Yeah I saw that and the pricing of it made me laugh. I have recently acquired a crimson vulcan thats all, so I was wondering if it is a gem as such. I presumed its rarity is further enhanced here in the UK as they were never sold here.

They are uncommon here. Like all toys they only achieve top prices if they are MIB. The Recon and Vulcan are less sought after in general.
Personally I don't get why anyone would spend that much on a poor performing stocker with lmited mod potential but it is what is is.
If you like Vulcans then the crimson strike is THE one to own.

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