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Crossbolt Cycloneshock Intergration! & write up

I’ve realised from use that the Crossbolt without the bow arms is actually a really amazing blaster in war. It’s powerful, really accurate and compact. It’s a long range shooter so I decided to integrate a more short range quick fire option underneath it. I give you the Cyclone_Bolt!

I first designed and 3D printed these inserts to hold the string. They simply pop in, and you can knot and slide in your string (or remove it) as many times as you like.(PS. I sell these)

I first had to figure out where to cut each shell to fit them together as close as possible. I did this slowly, cutting the shell bit by bit. I eventually got there but it thus, does not have the cleanest lines.

The main body of the cyclone shock fits nicely under the crossbolt just in front of the trigger. The cylinder then perfectly wraps around just under the barrel of the crossbolt.

I then fully cut off the handle of the crossbolt, and decided to house the crossbolt trigger mech inside the ‘handle section’ of the cycloneshocks shell.

This is when I had to finally decide on the trigger mechanism. There wasn’t room for two triggers so I decided to link the two triggers together. But more on this later….
It’s taking shape now. I hot glued the shells together while holding it. Then I applied epoxy putty for a stronger bond.

Now the TRIGGER. There wasn’t room for two triggers so I decided to link the two triggers together. So, you activate BOTH guns catches, BUT you only fire the blaster that is PRIMED. Works brilliantly (if I do say so myself). But there was a problem. The two trigger pulls are a different length! So Instead of gluing the triggers together, I had to interlock the triggers with a gap that was the difference in distance, of the trigger pull lengths.

The fun is that you have the option of firing both blaster simultaneously. But you can see I had to cut holes in the handle to fit the crossbolt trigger mech. So I then covered that and smoothed join lines with more epoxy putty.

Cycloneshock Modifications…      There is a small piece that allows the prime handle to activate the rotation mech. This was slightly too long and hit the crossbolt trigger mech, so had to be cut. I cut JUST enough off the bottom for it to fit. BUT then had to use epoxy putty to make a new bottom for it.

I also had to cut some of the Priming Handle away to make it fit around a clip in the crossbolt. This was just done with a hacksaw, not too troublesome, and still primes comfortably.

Internal Return Spring…     So the crossbolt does have an annoying design flaw where the top prime can easily slide backwards a few mm just by accident and lock the trigger! This happens especially often when priming the cycloneshock.
This made me add a tension spring but I didn’t want an ugly spring so I managed to fit it inside. The front orange piece of the crossbolt has a screw post that is perfect for holding one end of the spring. But you do have to chip away just a bit of material so the spring sits down far enough to close the shell.

I thought the other end would have to be haphazardly glued somewhere. However, the grey priming handle has two holes in it already that you can thread a small screw into. I did this and bent the spring around it with pliers. It generally worked but to 100% stop it slipping off I made a washer out of epoxy putty (but not really necessary).

Pump Grip…         The cycloneshock prime works but it is awkwardly far back when shouldering the blaster. So I designed and 3D printed a pump grip that uses the tac rail, and replaces the original priming handle.

Paint…. I then did the absolute slog of sanding every inch of the shell and painting. I did a white primer, a grey or gold coat, and then a few clear coats. But the clear coat destroyed the colour I was going for!!

I have future ideas of printing a 10 shot cylinder for the cyclone shock to maximise the role of a “high capacity, quick fire, under gun”. What do you think? Also, I hope I have inspired you guys to give the Crossbolt another look! Once streamlined it is actually a great rival to the other clip system blasters.
Thanks for reading!

Well done this is an excellent integration! I love that these days people think I wish I could (Idea), and instead of dwelling on said idea, giving it a shot and building something amazing.
daniel k

Coming to any wars soon? Would love to see this in action.

Very nice and Very Clean integration Smile

Sweet job, looks great.

Ever think of re-barrelling or fitting a shot gun cylinder in the cycloneshock ?

Nice work.
The Dark Kitten

Very well integrated and well designed.
Must say im curious to its use. I could see it doing very well in CQB.
Good job

How much are the 3D printed parts?

Coming to GuN!!!! Very Happy

Nice job! Very unique and cool looking. I heard that the crossbolt destroys darts when modded and also heard that it does well with stephens. I am curious about testing one of these out with an artifact mag and make some sort of splinter cell inspired stealth sniper.

Andrew_Aitchison wrote:
Coming to GuN!!!! Very Happy

That is one very nice looking crossbolt integration,  and could give Dustybin a run for his money. I can't wait to see it in action at GuN.

I also love the fact that it wasn't a typical set of blasters, and I like the fact you've got two ammo types

With regards to destroying darts. I have foun that you have to use darts whos foam is still stiff at the back, not too soft (so the string pushes it) Otherwise, the string can jump half way past the dart, and mush it. p.s. works very well with X-shot Bug attack darts.

Great work.

Are you able to do a firing video?

I think that's incredibly funky! I'm gutted I'll miss it, actually... All the way from Surrey to Yorkshire! Utter trooper!

That's superb!

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