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Crushed/damaged darts from China

I've taken delivery this morning of a fresh batch of 200 waffle darts from China via eBay.

Originally I ordered 50 of these darts and zero were damaged.

Then I ordered another 200 and around 5 were damaged.

The batch that have arrived today there are 30 damaged. Unfortunately they come shipped in soft packaging and those 30 are squashed beyond repair.

I don't know if to complain to the seller. They're good darts, good price and fast shipping from China so I don't want to make the seller's life a misery. I always expect some of them to be squashed but 30 is a lot more than I anticipated.



I just had the same thing got 200,

Wrapped up tightly in a piece of grey plastic bag. I'd say there was about 20 to 30% straight for the bin with about another 20% not great.

Contact the seller , they asked if I wanted replacement or refund. Didnt fancy going through the same thing again so took a 50% refund.

Hi Rab

I'm not the only one then! Yeah I would say out of 200, 10 are damaged but only very slightly and will most likely recover or be ok. 10 are damaged and might work, but are not ideal. And 20 are beyond all hope.

I want to use the same seller in the future, so don't want to alienate them. You're right though they're just wrapped in a bag - I wish they would put them in a box.

Did they want you to send the damaged ones back or were they willing to just send you new ones?

Asked for a couple of pics and were happy with that.
Pleasure to deal with really, they just need to package their stuff better.

Had similar experiences with overseas darts being stuffed in a bag. Thankfully I got off quite lightly in terms of damage, but the problem I had was where they've taped packs of 10 into a bundle of 100, the tape crushes the darts it lays over.

Always a good idea to give a bit of direct feedback to the sellers, so they are at least aware of the issue.

The only darts I've ever received in any form of solid packaging, other than official Elites, is Ekind waffles, that come in a box. While cheaper than Elites, they're still pretty pricey; though Amazon Prime sometimes has them on flash sales which makes them viable.

Yeah that's the thing, these are good quality darts and at 7 for 200 including postage they're excellent value. I don't know what the additional cost would be to ship them in solid packaging, but their profit margin must already be pretty slim I would imagine.

I started a case with Ebay when that happened to me, it's fairly common, they refunded me 50%. When leaving feedback always put "please pack in a box not bag" whatever else you say.  We all did that with Koosh and most sellers switched to boxes.

I always take the view of politely contacting them. The bottom line is that they've committed to selling that many dart at that price and by packaging them that way they've factored that risk into their business model and it's fair to call them out on it.
So contact them, they'll likely offer part refund, take it but please do give them honest but positive feedback "a few darts were damaged due to plastic bag packaging but VERY happy with the part refund I was offered" bthat way they get good honest feedback but still build their seller profile on ebay.

Thanks, I'll contact them and see what they say. I've taken a photo of the damaged darts (all 38 in total).

I'd prefer to get replacements for the damaged ones rather than a partial refund.

I'll also mention the box / bag thing in feedback. I noticed other buyers had already done this.

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