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Cut down guardian crossbow

I'm not claiming any originality here, I first spotted this on walcom and then bobololo's you tube channel and I thought a small open turret blaster would be perfect for my daughter at FDT events. Anyway in standard format the guardian is a nice little blaster, with rather pointless bow arms. I couldn't find any actually upgrade guide only the shell mod videos but I did order a higher power spring from blasterparts. I spent all Friday evening trying to get this little blighter to work but the new spring is a bit of a beast and the catch spring just wouldn't hold her. I enjoyed working through this though and figuring it all out for myself so I'm quite pleased. I followed old noobs advice (thanks) and headed to the local hardware shop this morning I got a few springs to try but they weren't quite right. In the end I cut down a pen spring and doubled up the stock catch spring and that did the job.
It's a fairly hard prime now and you have to do it in one deliberate stroke which makes it a bit tough to use for my girl so it looks like I've just got a new side arms 😁

Sorry troops tried adding images using the forum function but it ain't happening? ?

Have you got rid of the "stock"?

How she started out;



I'm very much a function over form kind of guy so the bit at the Base of the handle that was cut off has just been filed to a rounder shape and is covered by the grip tape. The top bit was given a tidy up and left as is. I left the top string guide thing in place as it acts as a great prime indicator.  This thing shoots hard. Easily my most powerful springer.
So while the strongarm vs hammershot argument goes on the cool kids are chopping up girly crossbows 😎

Oh I forgot, bargain max has them for 12.99 at the moment so they're cheaper than a hammershot

I have one Sat in my box and want to do the same thing to it. I have been worried about how easy it's would be to do. Do you have an image of the end?

If your just taking the stock off its easy. Clamped the stock in my work mate and chopped it with a junior hacksaw.  If you cut half an inch beyond the decals not only does it look nice but you easily clear the last structural bit of plastic.


Cheers for that. Looks good. That will go next on my ever expanding list of things to do!

I've got one of these in the "barely started projects" heap  Laughing Getting the shape right on the tail isn't easy it seems if you want to smooth it out but maybe I'm overthinking it.

Where the bottom cut on the grip is I just filed it to as close to the lines of the handle as I could and then rounded it off more on the inside where it actually contacts the palm of my hand. Everything is then hidden by some grip wrap.
The tail bit at the top was just cut straight,  smoothed off and cleaned up with a knife. It doesn't look too odd and I might stick some epoxy putty in to plug the hole in suppose.
The shell mods took ten minutes tops. I dare say it could be done prettier but it's good enough for me.

Looking forward to seeing this in action Rab - nice one!

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