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Cycloneshock upgrade

This morning a parcel arrived for me containing (among other things) a 6kg mega upgrade spring from BSUK. My Cycloneshock has had a 5kg spring in for a while, but I wasn't quite happy with it. I've also been using the Worker barrel sleeves to shoot elites from it.

So today I swapped out the old spring (can't remember where that came from) and put in the BSUK spring, and at the same time got around to cutting out the dart pegs from the cylinder. Then I took my modified blaster and my son's unmodified blaster out for a little range testing.

I don't have a chrono and I didn't bother to take a tape measure, but the results were clear for all to see. The unmodified cycloneshock PTG sent darts fairly consistently about 10-11 good sized paces (I'm 6'2" and I stride, so I think it's fair to say a pace is ~3') and angled shot anywhere from 10-17 paces. My modded version was shooting 16-21 paces PTG and fairly consistently hitting 29-32 paces angled.

At extreme range the wind was having a significant and very visible effect on the darts, and I'm pretty confident that indoors or in ideal conditions it would be clearing 100' consistently. For a ten minute mod and a total cost of about 30 including the original blaster, I'm pretty happy.

We're big fans of rebarrelled cycloneshocks in our house, nice work they're a total hand cannon!

is that with the ebay inserts or have you re-barrelled it yourself?

my sole reason for buying a cyclone shock is probably for this mod!

Wonder if any of the 3D Mentalists will ever get out a bigger elite drum for these... This is a cycloneshock elite, the most powerful handgun in the world. I know what you're thinking punk, did he fire 9 shots or did he fire 10...

Oh but damn thats a good idea!

Worker ones on ebay. 6 pack is the cycloneshock specific ones.

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