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So got my shotgun cylinder fitted, here's how things went.
I gave the dart chambers a clean up using a 12.5mm drill bit (couldn't get a half inch bit locally) I did this by hand.
I upgraded the spring, removed the trigger lock to allow de-priming. Ripped out the AR which is inactive anyway because the cylinder keeps it pushed regardless of if there's darts in it or not ,  oh and upgraded the catch spring just to be sure. There's plenty you tube video showing all this. Only thing that differed for me was the plunger head was glued in as well as screwed. But holding over the kettle while I brewed up sorted this. I did have one hitch, that when I refitted the plunger head I didn't push it all the way home. This meant the catch wouldn't hold and was why I upgraded the catch spring,  when it still didn't work I sussed out why as I went to try the stock spring again. Other than that fairly standard.
I suppose I could have just hack sawed off the full top front shell piece but I wanted to keep it looking like the stock version (ish) so junior hacksaw half round file and dremmel were put to work.

Performance wise it works best with elites, new koosh darts are a bit tight. It shoots well and makes a fair bang so hopefully it doesn't destroy itself. The spread can be a bit random, but in a good way I'd say.
All in very happy with the result.

during its first proper war i thought the catch spring had gone but it turns out the plunger rod had slipped back off the head a little like when i reassembled the first time. Easy fix by pushing it back on and a dab of super glue.
The Dark Kitten

Shame you have to cut up the shell otherwise it may serve as quite a shock.

I love these things... Need to get mine together, it's a white drum though which now I've seen yours, I'm going to resent  Laughing

The orange is sweet 😆

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