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Cylinder for five by five

Hi guys looking at buying a couple of cylinders for the five by five, I was thinking about getting the gavinfussy ones but just wanted to make sure there wasn't any better alternatives before placing an order.

Gavin's are reasonably priced. Jase 3D cylinder order is next month or so, he does one as well, Franksie might let you add to that if you want to save money on postage etc.

You're already down on the order mate, you can add more before I close the order.  If you contact Jase via Facebook he may be able to add your order into my current parcel and I can forward on to you
The Dark Kitten

Gavins is very clever and is very nice and cutting edge.
Him keeping the clutch design is very nice of him.
For the lazy people

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> Q&A and New members
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