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Dart testing- methodology chat

So, my koosh dart testing went down pretty well, and for some reason I enjoyed doing it, so I'm going to enlargen it to, basically, every dart I can lay hands on. New crono has an android app and reliable indoor testing so everything's suddenly tons easier and faster. But what would make it hte best test? Here's what I have just now- I've done a little testing already with some of this.

Shoot size- this is all about money tbh. So I'm testing 4 blaster types, with 12 darts each fired twice. I'd rather shoot 30 brand new darts each but that's over double the expense, it takes it out of "throw away money for the lolz" territory. 12 x 2 x 4 gives a good range of blasters and numbers while still being a 50 pack of darts. So I think it's a decent balance and gives meaningful results (and frankly if the dart performance deteriorates significantly on the second shot, that's interesting data too). I did think about doing a 3rd set but that adds a lot of work and tbh I feel like 24 darts gives a pretty usable dataset, could be persuaded if y'all think it's worthwhile

4 blaster types- it's really clear that darts perform differently in different blasters, and I want info that's useful not just to top end kit. So far I've confirmed 2 and I'm swithering about the flywheelers. Bear in mind blaster availability has a part here, whatever I use has to stay the same for as long as I'm doing this, so that limits cost and some practicality (I can't use my rapidstrike or recon 2 because they're not permanent setups frinstance)

So they are-
totally stock sweet revenge (for stock springer and turrets)
Oznerfnerd longshot (for high power springer)

And I'm thinking
3240'd flywheeler with worker wheels (currently my Ugly Stryfe but may vary over time- it'll always be a stryfe cage, 3240s and worker wheels)- for fairly typical superstock. I can arrange to always have something in this spec.

And the 4th, I can't decide. Not a stringer, bollocks to them. Low power flywheel is the obvious choice- but crono testing on alkalis or eneloops is painfully slow and dull. So I was thinking totally stock stryfe on 2 IMRs, because that's such a popular option for non-modders. But I'm undecided (partly because I'm concerned about decline; if I blow one up it's no bother but if it degrades over the course of a few hundred darts it'll skew the numbers

Accuracy- I'd like to do it, but at the moment I'm not going to. All the methods that I think are effective, are a pain in the cock. I'll probably add some observations but nothing quantitative. If anyone has a proposal for a meaningful test that <isn't> a pain in the cock, I'm all ears.

Darts I've tested or will test... I'll do multicolour testing for the best candidates or most popular, I'm not doing it for other stuff that isn't competitive, nobody needs to know what colour of nipple dart is best!

Typical fvjs (only doing blue atm; I know they're popular but batches seem a bit variable and I think waffles may supplant them...)
USCs (seems to be 2 types on the market but there might be a third)
All different waffles I can find
Might redo koosh as the last test used different blasters and method- or might just benchmark the other koosh colours against blue and maybe yellow.
Elites, obvs.
Voberries in black and blue, because I have them
Globerries because glow darts are cool (and because my first set of voberries are the most interesting darts I've tested, they're so oversized that they won't fire at all in some blasters, it's a great data point)
Nipple darts
Streamlines, for lolz
Accustrikes- sadly, because it'll cost!
I'd like to do knex for a waffle comparison but don't really want to spend the money...
Mystery elite copy that I found a while back

Any omissions? Obviously rival and mega fall out of scope, and they have their own challenges.

Dont know how I managed to miss this post,

Looks good though, cant wait to see results.

I'm thinking perhaps pick the top 3 performers for a seperate accuracy test. Mount a laser pointer to a blaster, clamp the blaster in a workmate and measure distance from shot impact to red dot ??

Be very interesting to find the "best" dart, so not just fps but a combination of accuracy, quality, price and safety/pain.

Blaster choice seems fine, id go imr's over stock , more relevance to those here.

Have fun

A kabillion waffle darts arrived yesterday  Laughing Decided to soup up my stryfe slightly with hellcats before I get into the "good flywheeler" test but the rest are coming along.

I settled on IMRs for the "bad flywheeler" test, think you're right there. I found the rest of my coloured koosh from the last big test so I can do 2 more sets of each, so that'll be the stock sweet revenge and one other. Probably the good stryfe. Stupidly bought short suction darts  Embarassed

I don't really <want> to do accuracy but I think it might be necessary. Basically some darts perform really well on the crono and that's going to give false impressions. I like your idea for a "best of" test, still not really sure how to make it work though. Something to think about

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