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Davidov's Saturday Skirmish 3! March 11th


Privet Comrades!

Long time coming but here we have it, the second Davidov's Saturday Skirmish. It just goes to show the hard work and effort all the other war organisers go to to keep bringing you their brilliant looking games that it has taken this long for me to get a second in.

!!!!! Read  through this post before asking questions about blasters, eyepro, etc please, lots of repeat questions last time !!!!!

Date & time
Saturday 11th March 11am-4pm

The war will be located in Sunny Hill park in Hendon, north west London, meeting near the main entrance carpark, pass the café to find the Nerf types opposite, near the tennis courts. Once people are gathered we will be using a few different spots for games.

The parks café website, with maps etc is this is the nearest source of lunch but there are lots of shops, pubs and takeaways by the other park exits.

Those travelling by London underground have a short walk to the park where they can take note of which pub/takeaway looks like their favourite option, busses have a choice of Hendon central or directly outside some of the park exits depending on which direction they are coming from.


Death matches to get us warmed up, team/individual/one shots followed by a mix of supply drop and defend and destroy as time permits up until we break for lunch.

The Drop, rules test
Some of the games in the afternoon will have the added hit point and armour/damage rules that will be used in "The Drop" events in future, for those not in the know that is a player Vs player system being put together for those of us that want to have serious skirmishes with the added features a lot of larps use, without going full larp, blasters are the main form of combat and objectives will be similar to previous games I have run like capture and defend, just with a little more effort on my side of things organising them.
you are welcome to join the group for the drop and to look at the WIP copy of the rules there

Nothing else seems to end the day on as high a note so will likely finish our day with a variation on zombie.

Safety & Behaviour
1- Blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, nothing to alarm other park users, performance will be on an individual basis. I won’t be slowing things down to chrono so if you’re primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.

2- Darts, Nerf brand or koosh by default, waffle tips are good too, as a rule of thumb anything without compression will be a no, so no Full vinyl jackets, voberries or nipples etc. They were mixed in in the past and I can't stress how big a problem this is due to the chance of injuring not only each other but random onlookers and their children, if you do not know what the difference is please don't assume. Use this guide as reference

3- Eye protection required for little people and advised for big people

4- Anyone under 18 needs parental permission, under 16 a chaperone.

5- Above all else, don’t be a prat.[/b]

If you made it this far again I look forward to seeing you next month![/b]

Looking forward to this one Smile will be there, as ever will try and bring friends.
I presume they will be okay, just want to check waffle tip darts will be an acceptable ammo type.

yup, they are fine, just didn't jump to mind when I was updating my now default event post, I'll drop that in now

Woo can't wait for another run out !

Definitely going to be there, looking forward to it already

I will be attending (even though GuN is on that date).

May be coming might not be due to weddings.

Ooh I might be able to make this, I'll see what I can do about travel.

If you can get to Rochester I can give you a lift from there

Finally, a game I can get to!

Will do my best to be their, the last even was a solid day of nerfing so hope to have the same again, should be another one or two coming with I suspect.

Dustybin wrote:
I will be attending (even though GuN is on that date).

damnit! I'd have tried to avoid it if I was paying attention, though as I'm basing this one on my groups team building thing that is happening the same weekend.

Sparky2504 wrote:
If you can get to Rochester I can give you a lift from there

That'd be great, I probably could get there easier than London at least, I'll drop you a pm when I can confirm I can go or not.

Myself, the gretchin and my brothers will be there. Let's hope for some better weather this time!

Smile good to see this is back in the calendar.

We have been hugely lucky with weather, first one it rained earlier so no non nerfers came to the park except us, but then the weather was great. Then the second was just rainy enough to keep the park empty but not to call off play, I keep my fingers crossed for that or better.

I'm looking forward to it.

I will  be there loved the first war

Definitely. Loved the first one

A bump to bring this back to peoples attention now we are getting closer to the date and also a request for game suggestions should anyone planning on coming have a game type they want a chance to get going.

Trouble in Terrorist Town from Garry's mod might be an interesting game mode to try.

Capture the Flag/bag was fun and a good classic game mode, if you have the gear Control Points or King of the Hill would be interesting to try. Also definitely HvZ again

Trouble in Terrorist Town from Garry's mod might be an interesting game mode to try.

Having run TTT in open areas a while back the game is kinda difficult for the terrorist side without just becoming a TDM, really you need a lot of cover and preferably some height differences as well. I'm not too familiar with the park having only played at the last game so if there is somewhere like that then TTT is a fun game mode.

I'm a big fan of the payload/capture games, I will need to add some variety this time to try new things, once I'm back to real world monday I will make some posts, till then I'm off for the weekend to play zombie.

It's looking like we will beet the turn out for the second DSS, but can we beet the turn out for the first one at 20 players + entourage?

Yup! This is a very very solid possibly. Just a few kinks to smooth out (mainly dragging my Dad 20 minutes down the road). Are there any objections over a Triple Hellcat RS or an XP180 Stryfe?

A triple hellcat RS is likely to be over 130fps which is not a good idea in a public place

As above, people should know at least roughly the performance of what they have modded, especially when it is a well known mod, so expect to be disappointed if you bring anything along that doesn't fit into the specs from the original post.

The event is public, there is no wriggle room where safety is concerned.


And the original reason I came onto the forums, it has been a long weekend for me, I will be spending the rest of the week finishing enough material to test the drop, and to run plenty of regular games.

Just double checking - Will there be a dart pool or are darts the individuals responsibility?

Individual responsibility comrade.

Once this one is out of the way I'll look to get one started for the recurring sessions.

Also while I'm on here - looking like the numbers are good for the event


Looking forward to seeing people tomorrow, weather front looking positive with no rain predicted but the slightly grimmer cloud cover making it warmer than when I last checked so win win.

If anyone arrives early I will be around from about quarter to 11 in the usual spot past the tennis courts and park gym, look for Nerf blasters they are a dead give away.


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The Dark Kitten

Good luck and all the best today. The weather is good up here so I hope its the same down south.

Was a great day brilliant turn out we even attracted a few of the local kids from the park
The rise of the #FlywheelMasterRace was very apparent so I'm going to have to get busy with my soldering iron

Yes very much enjoyed this weekend! I'm pleased to see electronic blasters becoming more popular Smile

Have thrown an after action report in the relevant spot for those wanting to jump in.

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