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super gripper

Demolisher build worker parts

Demolisher build with worker stock, pusher, fly wheels, Tamiya motors, re-chargeable nimh's, 18AWG wire and I will be chopping off the missile launcher - building pictures will follow  Very Happy

Look forward to seeing the results. Here's my attempt:

I did want to do it with a worker stock but didn't want to pay that much for one.

How are you planning on covering the hole from where you have removed the launcher?

Are rechargeable nimhs the best option?
super gripper

The worker stocks are awesome, everything else is too short for me. I plan to do similar to yours but bot sure if to put a rail or a hand grip yet.

The the Tamiya motors I use and the re-chargeable nimh's work very well together, I have been trying out different ones and the best quality ones with loads of power are the HPI plasma 2700mah. Lots of cheap crap on ebay .....

I am not a fan of over stressing the stock motors with trustfires and I am not interested in using rhino's and 2 s.

If that works then that's great. I had real trouble fitting my Lipo into the Demolisher but that's partly cos I didn't plan the build very well.

One day I will redo this build with a different paint job and I think I will go for a worker stock then as they just look sweet!

Could you recommend a suitable charger for those batteries please?

I wouldn't mind seeing a video of a tamiya nimh build to see what kind of trigger response your getting.
super gripper

the nimh charger I have is this one ...;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

being able to select the charge rate and see how many milli amps the each individual cells take is good.
cheaper one or two hour fast chargers just cook the cells and they die after not as many charges.(the cells)

I have been trying out different manufactures of AA nimh's and the best ones I have found are the ones from HPI, they are not the largest capacity but the quality is there and having an RC car racing background I know my nimh's.

you can buy the HPI nimh's from modelsport.

Thanks, I've not quite worked up to lipo yet, this should keep me going for a bit

What kind of discharge rate are those Plazmas capable of? HPI don't appear to list that information for their NiMH AA cells.
super gripper

good question, I am not sure to be honest. The HPI plasma's make the Tamiya motors I use spin up quicker and I can hear they are producing a high rpm.

The charger I have allows you to change the charge ampage to each individual cell. Plus seeing how many milli amps they take gives my an indication of play time.

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