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Discord Chat Monday 11th July

Topics up for chat-
War stories, there have been a few events since the last one, I want to hear all about it!
Progress/timescale on game makers pack
I will take tech or game questions for 30 mins max (boring otherwise!) or put them in between other topics.
Anything the forum is lacking right now that you want to see.
Fun stuff, we always wander a bit.

As usual please PM me if you want the Discord server link, you will need the app/desktop version and a working mic/headset/headphones!

I'm out for this one. My microphone an-heroed the night of the EU referendum for some reason (no really). Have fun!
The Dark Kitten

I'll try this one.
May need a link although as the old one is messed up?
Or my PC is rubbish. I have bets on that!

ill be there for this Smile

What time are we starting?

I'll move all of my plans to make this. Every. Single. One.

On now

I always see these posts the day after they are :/

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