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Discord Chat Monday 19th December 9pm

Xmas frothing discord.
General end of season foolery
Tag of the year
Zombie nom of the year
2017 wish list

All that sort of stuff.

Would try to make it but not worked out how to travel back in time yet  Razz

Only possible for top tier builders, you have to be fired out a fusion powered Zeus at over 88mph.
Tiite fixed.

We need to go back...  To The Deploy!

I'm in. Sounds like it'll be all sorts of Khaos. Charge your foam-capacitors. It's nerfin' time.

I should be able to be there for the whole time for once. This should be fun.

I'll be there, could someone please PM me the link!

I'll start chewing the bubblegum and will buy some more shoe laces in that case. I'll likely do a Q&A again, probably at the start this time in case my bandwidth craps out. I'm going to get TMJ at this rate... Very Happy

EDIT: Reminder, this is this evening from 2100GMT. PM OldNoob for the Discord link if you don't already have it. I have chucked a fresh 20 note on the mobile tether and am furiously chewing bubblegum so will be there.

Should be there listening and texting
The Dark Kitten

I'm a tad annoyed my 4 day long break from the forum (and discord respectively) have made me miss this.
Oh well always got next time

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