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Discord Chat Monday 2nd January 9pm

First one of 2017

Items up for chat-
Welcome any new members
Xmas hauls
Nerf New Years Resolutions
Mod Q&A

If you want the discord link send me a PM.

I'll be on ON. Should be interesting... hopefully lots of talk about modding Xmas haul's Smile

I'll be there! Need to ask some modding questions that are probably easier to chat about than post/discord and listening to Nerf conversation makes me more productive as I mod-a-long.
The Dark Kitten

Will be there indefinably.
I cant say i can contribute to much seen as my haul is non nonexistent and such.
Would like to do my ZHoM update then to ask a few questions and iron a few things out if that is alright?

Zhom update and questions would be awesome. Happy to add anything to the agenda that people are keen on talking about.

Just a reminder this chat is live tonight at 9. Please PM me if you want the discord link. It's open to all members.

I hope you have a nice discord, guys. At some point I'll join in with my new cheap mic but not today with going back to school tomorrow. Hope it's a fun one.

I was listening but busy tinkering with my atlas.

Turns out long shot springs can nest quite nicely over the stock spring and make a noticeable improvement to performance.

It's like blaster reincarnation.....

For those that missed last night, we were joined by Justin/DeathByNature of Make.Test.Battle fame. The general theme of the conversation was footage focused, but there were organising queries, rules discussions etc. Great chat!

Wasn't able to chat but listened to the whole thing, Big thanks to Justin for taking time out to chat with us, was very interesting listening to his views on both footage and event organising, hopefully I'll be able to participate more during the next one.

Fantastic! Sounds like it was indeed a great chat. What were the take-homes?

Justin put a whole load of links in the chat window, wind back a page or so if you want to see them all.

What's the link to it?

The annoying thing about discord is that useful links get swallowed in pages of banality, give me a tic and I will get them over to here.

Justin's links for gimbals and audio stuff etc-
The older version of both brand have external wires and are cheaper if you can find them

This is the Audio Recorder I use. It does what ever MP3 bit rate you want or up to full 96kHz 24bit WAV, note CDs are 44.1kHz 16bit WAV.

Cheers ON.

Literally 15 minutes after I trailed through Discord to find those links Wink

OldNoob wrote:
The annoying thing about discord is that useful links get swallowed in pages of banality, give me a tic and I will get them over to here.

It's not all dross. Some of it is quite useful for giving an insight into states of mind and the aptitude of users. It can be like a stream of unfiltered consciousness.

Thanks for those! That's superb!

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