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Discord Chat Sunday 5th February 9pm

Another discussion!
This time-
Bristol Blast Update
Gun 13 update
Other game news
Zhom 2017

When did you sneak this post in.... I'll do my best to be there.

This has been up for a while. I thought a chat between BB4/GuN13 and the next round of events would be good. There's already plenty happening and it's still "off season."

Bumpity bump! Given lots happening this weekend, I thought I'd pop a reminder here that this is next weekend. Smile See you there...
The Dark Kitten

Will be there.
Hopefully ZHoM wasn't a flop so I can chat about it

I will try to be there, if haven't died during my trip to Sweden

I won't be on, but looking forward to an update from OMN if he's on???

It's in my diary. If the kids cooperate, the dishes get washed in time, and the stars align then I'm up for a chat.

Will try to make this one,
I'll need big Al on standby as technical support to get me on again 😁

I should be on Smile

I'm always knocking about

Just a reminder that we are all go TONIGHT at 9pm. If you are not registered yet all you need is the Discord app then PM me via Britnerf  for a link to our server. Get your PM's in before 8:30pm.
The Dark Kitten

Tonight....shit....less likely now....
Maybe, maybe not that's all I can say

Now I unfortunately can never make these discord chats things, but am very interested due to working nights and have to leave the house at 9pm. Is there any way of seeing what was discussed as a after the fact type thing?

Last night was mainly a guest, BFU from BURN in california. Can't say I got much out of it, to me it came across as "I'm American, I'm great, we've been doing this 6 years so we're great"

I think that's just what Americans do and we love them for it! God bless Murca! Six years is quite a long time... anything useful at all?

Some very useful discussion around how to keep the entry curve acceptable so new players don't just get munched in 30secs and given Out Of Darts, Thunderkrunk , Jangular and Eli are regulars there they have an interesting player dynamic with both gear and ability that will become more pertinent to our games as the older players develop.

A discussion on dart loaning restriction, to 36 darts for their quick games, and 130 for others.

A discussion on how rivals had altered the play style, and that he felt it had become "Pay to Win", with mediocre players spending money on top tier mods to get an upper hand

They are an 18+, no fps limit group, that plays in a school yard, with an active player base of around 40 players, but BFU felt they might lose some to other local wars that were more family friendly. Outdoor only, medium to long engagement ranges.

It was interesting to see how the hobby had grown over their, but its very different to what i'm doing/experiencing and I think that affected what I got out of it.

Agreed it's not how some of our wars developed, but it's pretty much what I would want out of an adult game-
1- Aside from the playground, lots of cover and obstacles with a variety of routes
2- I would want an FPS cap.
3- Great games, fast paced and varied
4- No need to worry about crushing, stepping on or face tagging kids
4- Long session!

I enjoyed hearing his perspective and I think it was interesting hearing how they have gone to limited ammo and others saying how Tri blade/cat builds can dominate..  Yeah we could of kept on topic a bit more but as I was just listening whilst modding it was a nice background noise.  I was also interested to hear about the Nerf civil war in the yank NIC.  TBH this place and youse guys are enough for me and i can't be arsed getting involved in Nerf politics when I can get all my questions answered and whatever other support I need here,  but even so it was interesting getting an insight into what is happening in the international community.

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