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Discord Chat- THURSDAY 9pm

Subjects for discussion-
UK War Organisers package, want it? What should be in it?
Britnerf affiliation scheme for UK games?
Workbench- what's on yours?
Whatever people want to discuss!

If you are not in the Discord crew yet, just PM me for a link, you need the discord app.

Cool, I'll be there

Depending on what time I get in I'll dip in for a chat.

Downloaded the app - PM inbound

I'm all in, speak to you guys then!

Me too! Looking forward to it!

I'll go make sure discord automatically starts up with my computer. I won't have much to talk about, but its nice to see everyone talking.

How can I get involved please never used discord


Send me a PM, I will send you a link for the Britnerf server. You need the Discird app.

Note- I have had to move it to THURSDAY at 9pm due to work. I might be on Wednesday at 10, but the main discussion will be Thursday.

Understood, see you guys there Wink

Will be on a bit late

Noted on the Thursday date change. I reserve the right to sit and lurk. Razz

i was wondering why it was empty ha ill be there tomorrow as always!

Will send you PM

will try to get on tonight and join in the fun...if I am not working. Smile

Link sent, should be all go for tonight!

A big thanks to all who were in the chat tonight, and especially to Boff and OldNoob for leading the discussions. We've come away with an action plan and a vision for the next year of BritNerf, future proofing the great community we're building here to ensure the reputation of BritNerf as a top quality content creator stays on track and continues to grow.

Various people have tasks to do, and you might not see any obvious changes for a while, but with what we've discussed, I can only see the future getting better.

Thanks to everyone who took part, listened and contributed. As noted above we have some great stuff collected and plans to progress that will hopefully help war organisers and hobbyists across the UK grow our games even more.

Thread locked as we are finished. Expect another mega chat soon. If you want a discord link PM me, it's there for everyone.

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