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DIY 16 dart tac rail for Roughcut

Hi there,

After having a blast with a Roughcut at the Bristol War on the weekend I've realised I need a way of carrying more darts. Two more full barrels (16) shoud do the trick.

At one point I ran out of ammo, went for my secondary Maverick (which was being a Maverick and had fallen apart by just hanging on the strap) and was tagged reloading the Roughcut. The video of my disappointment is at the link below:

The dart holder took about 1 1/2 hours to make. I just used what I had to hand in the house and it worked out well. Ingredients are:

- Large copper pipe (22mm or 3/4" I cant's tell which it was);

- Small copper pipe (I used 1/2" which is a good fit for Elites,  but slightly squashed 15mm would work);

- Something to be the "rail" part - wood or plastic (I used chopping board);

- Some adhesive (I used hot glue, but it's not the best for copper or chopping board); and

- Two small screws.

A drill, file, pliers, saw and sandpaper were also used.

Step (1)

Cut a ring out of your large pipe, then cut that ring in half lengthways so you are left with two semicircles. Drill a hole for your screw int he centre of each. Then bend them with pliers / a vice until they are the right shape to smoothly fit on the tactical rail off your blaster.

Step (2)

Slide an Elite into your small pipe to test the fit. Note how far it needs to go in to be secure and cut the pipe to double that length (there will be a dart each side of the pipe). Sand the rough edges of the pipe so your darts don't get ripped up.

Step (3)

Cut your platic / wooden support piece to size and then screw the brackets you made in step 1 to it. You will see in the photos I lined them up too far apart initially and had to re-do this. So do check your rail length (mine has a stop about 3/4 of the way among that I hadn't noticed!).

Step (4)

Glue the small tubes to the support piece. I found roughing up the copper helped it get grabbed by the glue.

Step (5)

Profit! Note I only had 8 darts in the shed to demo it, but you get the idea! - a lick of paint wouldn't go amiss either if you're not going for the whole aged-copper steampunk thing.


Needs to be entered in the Britnerf 5th anniversary tac gear competition.

I've got something up my sleeve for the tac gear comp - currently at prototype stage.  This can be backup though.

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