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Does anyone know something about dive computer designing?

Recently I am designing an open source dive computer and have been looking for the simplest way of managing the battery which consists of three functions:
1) managing the charging of the battery
2) Regulating the output to 3.3v
3) providing accurate battery level to the processor (gas gauge).

I have not found any solutions that can do all this in one chip or for that matter, less than three (one for each of these functions).
Does anyone know of a good, simple solution? I want the device to worn on the wrist so board space is at a premium.
So far I am looking at Microchip's MCP73831 for charging, the TI's TPS61201 for regulating and TI's BQ27000 for "gas gauge" functionality. If you can point me in a better direction, I would appreciate it!

FYI: the device will use a 1200mAh Li-Po and use about 40ma while operating.
Microchip's MCP73831.pdf

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