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Doomlands desolator courtesy of Nerf_Fang

[url] [/url]

omg i want one so bad.



yeah, i'm going to be all over this too

Def looks awesome and if I ever wanted a semi-auto blaster I would pick this up over the Stryfe just for the shell style points but I would know have a Rapidstrike over everything else  Laughing

While the stryfe is awesome for its modular design - and ease of modding, its a bloody ugly thing, with a badly sized/placed battery tray...

The stryfe reshells have all had issues
Elite cam - no stock/barrel attachment, crap camera, and personally, it causes the worst fishtailing
Demolisher - its huge
Modulus - expensive, poor handle, ugly colours
Rapid Red - beautiful, but no stock/barrel attachment, and no way to get its funky clip

The desolator won't beat the stryfe for popularity, but I think its going to be a popular one. I'm more than a little tempted by it, and trying my hand at soldering...

I'm definitely in the 'want' camp on this one....

Is it just a Stryfe re-shell, then? No flywheel or motor difference?

I've not seen anyone open this yet so I'm holding fire. It looks exceptionally pretty but I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro decided to cant the flywheels for shits and giggles. It's very GC and I can see LARPers jumping all over it but I reserve judgement until I've got one in hand and seen inside. Smile

I hope it's got sensible flywheels..

Loving it tbh  Laughing I like the stock shape but I reckon it might look even better with the stock gone.

Kind of bolt pistol esq..

Also I like Nerf_Fang's breathy enthusiasm, like he might be about to come.

I don't like it. Can't really quantify why, it just hasn't grabbed me initially. Looking forward to seeing it's modding potential though.

Looks fantastic. It looks like there should be plenty of dead space to put big battery packs in the stock; good news for lipophobics.  To me stock looks to be sized like a raider stock on a stryfe on the first notch.

It's a shame he didn't do any size comparisons or down barrel views to see if hasbro have stuck with flat non-canted flywheels a la stryfe.

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