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Starfalcon Tactical

Doublestrike catch crisis

I have received this commission from someone along with a doublesttike that the commissioner mailed me. However when I opened it up the nub that is the catch was completely sheared off with the broken piece no where to be seen. Here is a picture of the broken catch and a link to what it is supposed to look like.

Thanks in advance
Starfalcon Tactical

Here is what mine looks like

Here is what its supposed to look like;dpr=1.33#imgrc=2F5k9adXFp0MYM%3A

I have had this same problem, however I had the broken piece. I tried literally everything and could not get it to go back on strongly enough to work.

My advice: Buy a new sidestrike, they are cheaper then any other option of making a new price. Then take out the required price or just start all over again!

If it's broken once it'll break again. Best to take it apart and mould a newer stronger version IMO. Assuming you can.
Starfalcon Tactical

Thank you all for your help but the only resources I have available to me are:
Lazer cut acrylic plastic or mdf
Sheet aluminium
PVC tubes
Apoxie adhesive
A vacuum former and thermoplastic.

Not much money though.

I have already informed the commissioner that it may be irreparable and he has agreed not to pay as much as before if it fest fire. He says it doesn't need to fire because he is an RPer or causeplayer.

Thanks anyway

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