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Dr Zeus

Something for the weekend...

In the interests of experimentation (and aesthetics) having rewired my son's Zeus we thought we'd try something a little different to tackle the need for the hop up. Having seen 'ejected' hop ups from modified blasters we thought removing this weak point in the design might be a good idea.

So we did this, using the internals from a Longstrike barrel that i had dismantled ages ago when i didn't realise they were rare (according to eBay Smile )

In action there were no complaints about accuracy - he seemed to hit everything he pointed it at - but it does need a comparison on fps achieved against the same blaster configuration with the hop up fitted. One to do when we have access to a chronograph again.....
Captain Slug

The problem with the stock hop-ups is that they're little strips of rubber wedged into place. This is really different compared to the type used in both airsoft and paintball and is really not a good way to repeatedly stress a rubber part. Using a more rounded profile, for example a section of perpendicular-mounted rubber tubing would work fine and be less likely to deteriorate.

Really liking the change in silhouette. If it's serving a purpose too then mucho kudos.

One day I'm going to have to go for a rival build I hope I remember that tip when I get there Slug!

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