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DSS Saturday May 27TH

It is looking beautiful outside and ready for war!

Hopefully more of the same with longer and even better days with everyone over in the park.

Wars still planned for the last Saturday of the month at least till June, posts will be going up to confirm each month.

And a quick thankyou again to the parents that continue to help make the days even better by helping dart sweep and just be generally great all day in helping keep games going.

Stock blasters / basic mods, this is a public game, in public, with the public around.

Parents must stay to supervise under 16's even if not playing themselves.

Read everything here if it's your first time joining us.
Date & time
Saturday 27th May 11am-4pm

The war will be located in Sunny Hill park in Hendon, north west London, meeting near the main entrance carpark, pass the café to find the Nerf types opposite, near the tennis courts. Once people are gathered we will be using a few different spots for games.

The parks café website, with maps etc is this is the nearest source of lunch but there are lots of shops, pubs and takeaways by the other park exits.

Those travelling by London underground have a short walk to the park where they can take note of which pub/takeaway looks like their favourite option, busses have a choice of Hendon central or directly outside some of the park exits depending on which direction they are coming from.


Death matches to get us warmed up, team/individual/one shots followed by a mix of supply drop and defend and destroy as time permits up until we break for lunch. The morning is for games we know and love

Other games TBC - still looking for people to join in running games, many thanks to those that did so last month.

I think this is now a constant as far as finishing up the day, though with variation each time, if people want to join in ahead of time with making this more interesting we will start alternating months between "classic" and more involved zombie encounters.

Safety & Behaviour
1- Blasters to be in original or brightly coloured schemes, nothing to alarm other park users, performance will be on an individual basis. I won’t be slowing things down to chrono so if you’re primary is modded and there is any chance it might be judged as over powered make sure you have a backup on hand.

2- Darts, Nerf, koosh and waffle tips are good, as a rule of thumb anything without compression will be a no, so no Full vinyl jackets, voberries or nipples etc. They are still turning up and I can't stress how big a problem this is due to the chance of injuring not only each other but random onlookers and their children, if you do not know what the difference is please don't assume. Use this guide as reference

3- Eye protection required for little people and advised for big people

4- Anyone under 18 needs parental permission, under 16 a chaperone.

5- Above all else, don’t be a prat.

If you made it this far yet again I look forward to seeing you there.

Ive booked a ticked for a car show that day Sad

I'll be coming. So no motor upgrades?

It's a rule 7 (don't take the piss) re: motor upgrades and everything else, theoretically 130 is the max but we don't chrono or clear blasters in anyway other than calling out anything firing hot as it's a park game so it's up to players to know their blasters and that they aren't going to cause an incident if they hit a passerby or get someone in the face at short range.

Most likely that I'll be there!

I'll be there

Not long to go now and it's going to be a hot one so bring plenty of water and whatever else you need to brave the sun.

Luckily the weather reports says we should be getting some cloud cover in some time Saturday.

See you there.

I'll be there. made a few alterations to my loadout that I'm exited to try out.

So I presume a green light for this weekend?

Da, sorry for late reply, video games stole my evening, probably only a dozen of us, but enough to get some games in, and get gud for when more people are joining us next month.

Can't make, would've loved to and brought my vortex out to play, but "unfortunately" seeing Iron Maiden so otherwise occupied.

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