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Easier Circuit Drawing

Does anyone know of a good free circuit drawing app?  Or even just an easy way to do it electronically?

There are three programmes I use. Some more than others.

iCircuit is an iPad app that I use frequently. Handy for when I'm on the go or can't be bothered to walk to my computer. Can't remember if it's free though.

'Crocodile Clips' is a bit of software for PC/Mac which is fairly widely used in education. It's what I learned with in secondary school 20 years ago (yikes!). It's simple but very user friendly. You can download it for free for private use.

Fritzing is another free bit of software that is apparently very good. I understand it's favoured amoung the Arduino community because it is very visual. I've used it a couple of times and it seems ok but I've not explored it much.

Crocodile Technology (or Crocodile Clips) has been replaced by Yenka but otherwise it's pretty much the same and is probably what I use most of the time (especially for Nerf stuff). It has basic simulation functionality, and produces very simple and clear diagrams, which makes it pretty good for sanity-checking and/or demonstrating how things work. As above, you can get a free "home" license which allows you to use it at home outside of school hours i.e. outside 9am-3pm (although it isn't particularly clever in how it checks that - you can just change the system time and it will run just fine or, alternatively, if you open the program outside those hours, and don't close it/shut down the computer, it'll still work if you come back to it within those hours). Since it is meant as a teaching tool for GCSE/A-level students it's designed to let you tinker and find out what works/doesn't work (or blows blows up) for yourself.

Alternatively there's LTSpice which is completely free, and even more fully featured, but slightly less accessible for most people - very powerful but definitely something more geared towards experienced electrical and/or electronics engineers than hobbyists.

I've never tried it with LTSpice but with Yenka you can also copy the entire circuit and paste it as an image into another program or even into imgur's upload box - no need to print screen and crop the image.

We use Yenka in PD.
So yeah,
Yenka is educational, and best used on those schoolcomputers with a flickery monitor, slow internet connection, no CD drive but with a slot for it, placed on a desk with chewing gum stuck to the bottom.

Thanks all. Got hold of some free android app for my tablet as I'm only running a work laptop at the moment but will try Yenka as soon as I have a 'home' computer as this one is a little hard to use.

I use Microsoft Visio

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