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EAT catch advice

So I got a BSUK catch from the bad print run, they sent me a new one but my Mrs thought it was a random broken bit of plastic so she threw it for davidovs war this weekend should I run the stock catch or chance the second BSUK catch I got that I assume could also be from the band print batch?

Have you tried the third option of dropping them an email and asking if a new one would be available to send to you? Razz

Oh hi mike
I messaged you guys a week or so ago but I've moved house since and forgot to put the order in and thought it was too late ... Could it still get to me by Friday? Very Happy  Very Happy

If BSUK are unable to send you one, you can use the stock catch with the 5kg Spring BUT you need to upgrade the catch Spring. This is to compensate for the bendy nature of the catch. A compression spring with thicker wire but similar width will do the job, I cut them to length from longer springs bought in a hardware shop.

Cool I've got the upgraded catch spring


BSUK probably have the best customer service in the UK - generating invoices at like 8 @ night to silly unorganised customers

Great job guys thanks Smile


Post merge Razz -Boff


We do it because we're probably just as disorganised as you are and still working at that hour as a result. Or I'm still working because I didn't get out of bed until 11am... Either or really. Razz

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