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eat mod advice


I'm looking at the blasterparts hard hitting kit for my stock action trooper. I've heard however that the performance is rubbish and is a massive waste of money.

does anybody have any suggestions. I know bsuk have the orangemods 5kg spring but is that really better than the blasterparts pack and will I not need a replacement catch plate?


The Blasterparts kit is somewhat over engineered IMO. The reinforced bar is largely unnecessary but the later version of the catch plate is good and as always their springs are top notch. They also have the plunger guide which is an excellent idea and works really well.

But is it really worth it?

Not really. The blasterparts 8kg Spring is a monster but only if you remove the AR. This will usually cause all manner of catching issues and ultimately reduce the lifespan of your blaster. Not only that but unless you have arms like tree trunks, you'll do yourself some damage priming an 8kg spring all day long. The BSUK 5kg will produce better results with the AR intact so it's less work to install and much less hassle to use.

To summarise, Blasterparts kit if you want excellent performance but don't mind high maintence, BSUK spring if you want good, reliable performance.

I have both and they have each served me well over the years.

Ok cheers, think I will go with the low maintenance option!  Better check if I add the omw spring to my bsuk order......

My son runs a 7kg blaster parts spring in his EAT without any other modifications or different catch springs with no issues. The spring is stronger than the 5kg but weaker than the 7kg orange mod works springs.

My experience with a blaster parts hard range kit is very negative; the priming bar obstructed the mag well and messed up reloads, the plunger sleeve jobby was too big and caused stress marks on the end cap, the supplied catch spring was too weak to hold the catch in place and the main spring didn't provide noticeable performance increase over the bsuk 5kg i replaced it with. This is one kit with one blaster so it may be a statistical outlier for tolerances and not the norm, but I won't be sending blasterparts my money again.

My BP hard range kit was rubbish too. I believe the guide tube makes catching worse as it stops the plunger angling down a bit as the plunger ramp goes over the catch ramp which occurs in the stock set up to lower pressure on the vulnerable plunger head.

thanks chaps,

I've gone for the 7kg BP spring because I can get it with my amazon prime and you know....... for science!

will report back

It's almost identical to the BSUK 5kg. You will need to upgrade the catch Spring because the stock EAT catch flexes badly under load. I just bought a bag of mixed compression springs and cut the right size/strength ones to length.


I've just installed and compared both the blasterparts 7kg and bsuk 5kg spring.

installation was dead simple (bear in mind I am a complete amateur)

7kg spring did provide good results when it fired correctly. however, with the constant jamming, launchingof two darts simultaneously and general strain on the eat itself made me quickly remove it.

5kg spring is excellent and if I am honest provides near enough the same results as the 7kg without the very worrying strain placed on the gun.

all in all very pleased and very greatful for the advice.

The reason your 7kg was not nice was because it was trying its best to turn your weedy EAT catch inside out. It's not worth much more FPS, I never run them in EAT's because I prefer something that actual shoots darts!

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