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EKIND/Little Valentine darts

Ok, so I just stumbled across one of Coop's latest vids where he's shooting Little Valentine darts with disturbing accuracy.

He talks about how they're a cheaper alternative to the EKIND darts, which he's already raved about for accuracy and low cost (cheaper and better than both Elites and Koosh)

Unfortunately, after a quick sweep of Amazon, the Little Valentine darts don't look to be cheap over here, so I'm guessing they're US only (£60 for 200 darts & postage).


The EKIND ones are available via Amazon, and while more expensive than Koosh darts eBay'd from China, you can get 200 EKINDs delivered next day for £12 on Prime - in a range of colours!

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these types of darts? Because they could be a great alternative to the wildly inaccurate Elites, and a viable competitor to the Koosh's that most people tend to plump for.

If I hadn't already blown next month's budget on an Atlas hopper conversion I'd pick some up to see how they fared!

These are just brands stuck on the same generic darts other people sell so as long as it looks the same (there's 3 different types of "waffle" heads out there) it should perform the same. (potential batch differences aside but Ekind etc could have those too)

I've got a huge pile on the way for testing, from ebay I think (I like testing darts, I'm a nerd) but so far I've only tried one type and they were alright... Quite slow firing, and not really noticably more accurate than koosh. But cheaper! Thing about accuracy alone is, it's fine if you're plinking at a target but if the thing you're shooting at is moving, a slower dart will make it a bit harder to hit even if it's 100% accurate... So I'm waiting til I actually shoot some people with them to really decide.

EKIND Hollow

The ones coop reviewed were 'EKIND Hollow' they sold out here within a matter of days and have not yet been restocked.  The other ones on Amazon are just different models and are even worse than elite darts.

As Northwind says, theses are all rebranded generic darts that can be had for less from other sellers. Darts are all about physical properties and head shapes. I have a better dart analysis due from Thunderkrunk/Bloodangel who did the one on Bay Area Nerf. When that comes up I will link it then you just look for the head shape from whatever seller you want.
Waffle tip designs-
1- Stacked- The "waffles" are a straight pyramid stack with the join line in one spot on the tip, like a Mengun.
2- Offset- The "waffles" are like bricks in a wall with the joining material offset between layers.
2- X Tip- The tip is more hollow than the other two, has a clear X shape.

So far Stacked and X Tip are better by varying degrees. Both are slightly better wiright distribution.

Really hoping this faux-brand stuff doesn't catch on and we end up talking about "Ekind clones" like some people say "voberry clone" when they're describing the exact same thing from the same production line...  But I think it might in the absence of better names.

In my head I've been calling the offset waffles stormshadows, because:


I've just bought a load of [url=Look at this on eBay] these.[/url]

At a first glance they appear good. Will hopefully get a chance to put them through a variety of blasters tomorrow.

Also ordered Sunday or Monday, and arrived Wednesday.

Good name. I chose Offset as it described the shape.
I will have to do a "know your darts" post at some point. We have your excellent Koosh colours test, fancy doing the same with some waffles? Screw what sellers/Coop calls everything, data rules.

Yeah, they're in the post  Laughing I think I may be becoming Dart Testing Guy.

Ive been messing about with ekinds and another type on ebay cant remember at the minute but will check.

Both reasonable quality, seem "accurate" but are noticeably slower than koosh.

Lower velocity is due to greater mass. These are around 1.2g vs 1g for koosh. On the right an X Tip waffle design, on the left a Stacked.

Hey, does anyone have a valid link for the "offset" type? I seem to have missed them out.

Isn't the one on the left the offset/stormshadow one? Seems to match ON's description and Northwind's excellent visual  simile. I think you're missing the stacked pyramid ones

By "offset" you mean the green ones in this pic right?

How many do you need for the test? I can probably donate to the cause.

heres the stacked,

And offset.

First link- Stacked.

Second link- These are clearly an X Tip.

The offset is like a Knex dart tip. The ribs are like bricks in a wall.

Yeah, exactly- I'm sure I found them without much bother before, but now I can't find any.

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