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End of Season Discord Chat- Monday 21st November

Start time 9pm
GuN war stories
BB4 war stories
Mod Parties?
Workshop chat
Next seasons aspirations

PM me if you want the Discord link, you will need the app/desktop discord as well. Open to all Britnerfers!
The Dark Kitten

I'll be in again. Always good fun.
Mod parties include? Is it planing one or on air chatting and modding?

Wether there would be demand for mod parties across the country.

Cool. I'll try and make this one.

I'll join in on this one. Mostly because I'm curious as to how people envisage mod parties going... Smile

I will, most definitely, be on this time.  I've even stuck a reminder in my phone.  I'm even delaying watching the only programme I watch on the tele to join in Smile (the sacrifices we make heh)

There is, however, a small wrinkle.  I might not be in a fully fit state to talk... I'm having a wisdom tooth removed on that day (12 hours before the chat).  I'll be sore, and might be slurring some words, so please be patient with me.

Hopefully this'll be the first discord I can attend!

Given I pretty much live on the server, it's a no brainer that i'll be there

I should be able to make it so please include me Smile

I would love to join in sometime also, but unfortunately 9pm is when I leave the house on way to work.
Just have to keep an eye out to see if one lands on a night off lol.

I'll possibly join in with my ghetto headphones and mic.

I will try and join you all this time, I have meant to a few times but always forget about, saved a reminder in my phone this time Very Happy

Reminder that this is tomorrow evening! 2100, if you need the Discord link drop a PM to OldNoob.

Other note: I will be doing a 10 minute BSUK rapid-fire Q&A so will be taking questions on stuff other than personal orders. I won't have email on hand so if you ask a question about outstanding orders I will find either a loud buzzer or air horn and veto your question. I'd be interested to see what people come up with...
Welsh Mullet

I might come and lurk, will be free at that time of night

Sorry i missed, been busy.

I missed the first 30 mins but jumped on later. It was really worthwhile. It's a good time to be involved in this hobby right now - lot's of great ideas on the Discord chat.

What FDT said.

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