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Epic painting session.

So with it being the October half term holidays up here in sunny Scotland and nothing else planned to do, I decided to have an epic painting and managed a grand total of 16 paintjobs in 7 days Very Happy A new record for me. Also the first time i've used decal paper to add details and they turned out not bad.

Several Five By Five shells, sanded and having a shower.



The Batman, decided to go with a classic blue and grey colour scheme on this one.

The Stormtrooper.

The Time Lord.

Good old Steampunk Maverick.

Another Time Lord inspired blaster but this time a Powerbelle.

They are some very nice paint jobs.

Loving Batman, Al.  Top work!

superb work!

I love the look of that maverick! I hate it when people go over-the-top wiith steampunk paintjobs.
daniel k

Still got another week down here! You gonna sell any of that?

daniel k wrote:
Still got another week down here! You gonna sell any of that?

They're all for sale Very Happy I have a stall and I attend Comic Con events selling toys, my speciality being custom painted Nerf Blasters. I've got an event this weekend so that's why I'm stocking up. I also dabble in a bit of costume and prop making for cosplays at the comic cons as well.
daniel k

You coming to any London cons? Very Happy

Doubt it but you never know Very Happy Mainly just do the Scottish events but fingers crossed I might get to a few in England next year, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds im looking at.

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