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Eye protection ;)

OneTigris Full Face Protection Knight Mask

seriously tempted!

Check ebay for airsoft masks, sure I've seen them cheaper on there.

They defo look the part.

Knock off of the Templar helmet from Hellgate: London, no idea about this one but they originally were made years ago ostensibly for airsoft (though of unvarified protective quality) and became ubiquitous as hell.

This one looks cool too.

Ghost Skull

Gentle reminder to not reply to a topic older than 2 weeks old. Thread necros clutter up the place and stifle discusison. Start a new thread instead. Smile -Boff


These masks are really cool, there is a deathstroke one I have been eyeing up. The main problem with them though is practicality during a war, you will loose all peripheral vision.

I wear glasses so I don't need eye protection but those airsoft masks look cool
unfortunately my glasses probably mean that I wont be able to put it on Sad

I too have been looking at these I think the intimidation factor would be rad but not sure if I want to wear a mask since I already get pretty sweaty.

Second one looks more useful IMO. Quite like those for OTT and the fact that your ears are protected.

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