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FaceBook marketplace & Rhinofires at Asda: a rant

Just a quick post so that I can rant and get something off my chest really.

Just saw a advert on FB Marketplace for a bunch of Nerf blasters and accessories for sale
* Havok, complete with belt and tripod
* 2x Barricades
* Jolt
* Maverick
* Firestrike
* old dart tag blaster type thing
* Nerf tent/barricade/base thing
* Couple of tac vests and a load of darts
List price: FREE!

Obviously I jumped on it. The advert had been up for 7 hours or so, but only had a couple of views, so I sent a quick message confirming I'll have it all because it's free, but could they hold until the weekend when I'm in the area: if not I'd make arrangements to come and pick it up one evening this week.

Message back was that it's not free, and prices are on pics. Double checked each pic, but no prices listed. Nothing in advert to say prices on pics, as some people do. So I checked out their actual FB profile; where the pics do indeed have prices in the photo description.

Advised the seller that this is what had happened, and they claimed to have never put the advert on marketplace. Screenshot sent to them to show that it was indeed listed as free, and they had written text into the advert. Wished them well with the sale.

Basically I'm frustrated because I thought I was on to a real winner there. Too good to be true obviously, but given some of the bargains I've picked up for free/silly cheap already, I know these things do happen.

In other news, I was in local Asda superstore last night and they had a huge stock of Rhinofires on the shelves, at 90 a pop. Usually they have half a dozen smaller blasters and a few accessories, and that's it. Now, 90 is waaaay too much for a Rhinofire, but given that they were also redoing a lot of the shelving and POS last night (especially minimising the Valentine tat), I'm left wondering if these blasters aren't about to go on sale very soon. Obviously I'll update the sale thread if they do, but just wondered if anyone else was seeing their local Asda stocking up on them?

Here endeth my scribblings.

The old saying "If it looks too good to be true it usually is" applies very well to Nerf. Rhino fires can be had very cheaply "broken" or without drums.

You're a good bloke Treezy. Another guy may of rammed trade descriptions down their throat and told them to claim it back from FB though even I'm not so callous. Must of been hella frustrating all the same.

One day I may get meself a Rhinofire.. Not for years though and I've got a suspicion Hasbro are gonna to launch blasters I want to mod faster than I can mod

Minky wrote:
Another guy may of rammed trade descriptions down their throat

Unlikely to have worked. I'm guessing that someone put it up on a personal profile, FB's privacy settings meant it was then open to being scooped up by the market place algorithm and presented to the outside world. It's more of a bug than a feature. The seller DID put prices in place in an area he/she thought it appropriate. The fact FB's interface FUBAR'd means this is still an honest but frustrating error. You'd have been spitting feathers for nothing at the end of the day.

As ON points out, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. All the usual caveat emptor stuff applies.

Yeah, I see a lot of posts listed as FREE on Marketplace thumbnails to get people's attention, then the seller lists prices in the advert text when you open it.

The same reason there's a lot of things priced at 1,234; because they have to put a price in for the advert, but are often selling multiple individual items on the advert with individual prices listed, or are open to offers.

I'd be surprised if FB did pick this up through the algorithms, given that there was text within the advert that was specific to the items for sale: the same text wasn't replicated on the seller's personal uploads.

I have had some absolute bargains with Marketplace, including stuff listed as free that was actually free, or a listing for one blaster, but when collecting it was a box of blasters. I'm just annoyed that someone had posted the advert, but hadn't checked the details correctly (or that I got caught out by an algorithm bug).

But hey, you win some, you loose some. I went into panic mode when Marketplace dropped off my FB app for 24 hours recently, because I always want to know what bargains are about; even if I can't afford them at the time!

I think I have issues....
Welsh Mullet

Recently had a full modulus with all accessories in the marketplace for 15. But alas, my attempts to contact the seller through it result in no messages being sent. Bug has been raised with facebook, but I'll probably miss out on the modulus :/

Rhinofires were recently on sale, at least on asda online, for 60

Ad was probably listed in a local selling page/group I'm a member of the ones round me and often find the same ads on marketplace. Not all the ads end up there so it's worth joining your local ones as there's some great deals to be had.

My Facebook marketplace is awash with unwanted dirt bikes and quads (there are a couple of abandoned quarries near me). I did steal three Stryfes of a lady recently for 1 each (I gave her a tenner because I'm nice like that) but otherwise it's full of junk.

It's a good system but it's still in its infancy and I find it's better for items you want to get rid of quickly rather than make lots of money from. There are a lot of bugs for FB to work out if they can ever be bothered.

I picked up 2 brand new airstorm firetec bows from not too far from you yesterday for  9

UKNerfWar wrote:
...but otherwise it's full of junk.

I've found it tailors what's displayed based on cookies. So for me it's usually mountain bike stuff, or car stuff. As soon as I look for something on eBay or similar, Marketplace is awash with similar items. Which is why I tend to just use the search function to look up Nerf/Nurf/Nerd/Nirf, and narrow the range to fairly close; unless I'm due to be travelling anywhere in the following days, whereupon I'll widen the area to include travel location(s).

I've found it really useful, but it would be much better if you could filter result by price, distance, and most importantly by age of advert: I've found new adverts appearing after scrolling down through older ads. Likewise, it'd be nice if people either removed their ads once sold (had loads of "sorry, that went yesterday" responses), or after 4 weeks they should automatically be hidden unless the seller relists.

For what it is, it's a useful tool, and sometimes you get some right gems.

Ive used the FB market place to buy bundles of blasters before and noticed the 'FREE' thing but then items are individually priced, I just thought it was a thing people did. A couple of times I've made a cheeky offer on the whole lot but it tends to be people trying to make a few quid rather than getting rid of unwanted stuff in my experience.

There was a post on Hot UK Deals recently saying the Rhino Fire in ASDA was priced at 90 but scanning in at 30.  That was about a month ago though, and I've often found these kind of deals to be store specific.

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