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FDT @ The Works 2 - Sat 1st April - Leeds

After the success of Saturday night we are back at The Works in Leeds for more skate park mayhem.

Tickets are up and already selling - 1 parent has assured us she is buying 12 for her kid's birthday treat for him and his mates - so we're hopeful of another 40+ sales.

Here's the link:


I've stuck a wee promo video up for this one:

Look out for Mr Crane!

Starfalcon Tactical

Watch out though! Look at the date!  Laughing

You might turn up and.. "APRIL FOOLS!" There is no Nerf war!

Just kidding obviously, Looks like it's going to be a good one and wish I could get to it.
Have a good one guys.

(Sorry as well, saw the date for this one and just couldn't resist pointing that out Laughing  Embarassed)

Yeah I did think of that when I posted it up!

Shame you can't make it - keep your eyes open for more dates Smile

If you're interested in being a Ref at this or future FDT events, send me a PM! No Joke!

41 tickets now sold so another successful event ahoy!

If you want to get tickets they are still available on line or you can walk up on the night.

Gunna be fun:)

Thats gonna be great numbers in that  venue I'm dead jelly 😣

I will return as the greatest guest referee at some point, remember to shout loudly in a Scottish accent to instill conntrol 😉

Have fun.

Busy practising my F - D  - T chant in your honour Rab 😀

Getting some odd looks from my kids.....

Rab lives for that chant Wink

Might even get some more walk ups guys so happy days. Hope it goes well.

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