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FDT @ Transgression Park 25 - Edinburgh - Feb 25th SOLD OUT

I can't believe we've hit our 25th skate park event. I'm hoping for another quick sell out so we can add a Friday night event too.

Here's the details - we're also running our second Modshop with Rab and BigAl sure to do another fine job of educating and assisting the kids with their power ups.

Ticket details here:

Sold out in just over an hour. I don't see us running a second one on the the Friday before Smile

Looking forward to another good night.

Kids were first class for modshop last time, absolutely loving the fact theres going to be more modded blasters in the mix again, even if it did mean me getting tagged a lot more!

Yeah I hope the Modshop is here to stay - they loved it and good to see more Mods in the skate park Smile

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