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FDT double header!

First  FDT event of the weekend kicks off in a few hours!

Ref duty this week but looking forward to the action and new games!

Had a great night. Was my first full night playing at the skatepark for a while and my legs definitely feel it. Was a good sixty plus crowd and I quite enjoyed the addition of the volley Bomb game it could do with a few tweaks possibly but made for a good change pace and style of game I think. I was running my double Lawbringer and new 8 shot 5x5s with spring spacers added and they worked amazingly well. The new 8 shot cylinders were a great addition to the armoury and the rotation worked fine all night, a little tight with fresh koosh but elites and the slightly more worn koosh all loaded fine with little fuss. Back again tomorrow night but on ref duty this time, busy busy Very Happy

Volleybomb was great to watch, quite a spectator sport.

Nice mix of new recruits and vetrans again, amazing how the pool of players keep growing.

First game of lockdown, the non- bibs had the upper hand isolating pockets of bibs but just couldn't push home and take them all out, as the bibs were tightly defending their base in numbers.

Second game seemed pretty much even to me as the new players found their feet.

Volleybomb seemed to go really well, one win each and the decider actually ended in a draw. My troops all reckoned this was their favourite in the motor on the way home.

HvZ , small and fast combined with experience is what sees you outlast the zombies.  Pretty sure the last man standing has won this a few times before.

And free 4 all to finish, managed a few cheeky ref shots with the big shock , one as I ran up a ramp shooting behind my back and clocked my mate in the ear! Nice 😎

Have fun all those going tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to reffing at Zone 74 again next week.

Should just about give me time to get the blasters and costumes ready for the Halloween spooktacular 👻

Edit, apologies this should probably be in the after action reports, feel free to move if required Mods.

Another great event.  It took the noobs a while to come to life, but they soon got the hang of things.

Volleybomb worked well, especially with two 'bombs'

I think it's great that there are new games being added, keeping it fresh.

See you all at the Halloween event or at Zone74 next weekend

Yep I am pretty shattered after running 2 events back to back Friday and Saturday.

Volleybomb was definitely a highlight from a ref's pov. Looking forward to Zone 74 this coming weekend.

We had a pro film crew along on Saturday night so in a while we'll have a great promo to show you. And I'm recording music for it with my band so looking forward to that too!

Thanks to everyone who came along this weekend Smile

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