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FDT Drone - battery advice

So I took the plunge and bought a cheap drone. The amazing battery will give me 10 minutes of flight after a 4 hour charge.

As I'm not a modder, and therefore know zilch about batteries, can anyone tell me what I can replace this one with?

It comes with this fantastic charger Smile

I know I won't get hours of flight out of this, but any improvement would be great. All advice welcome. Thanks Smile

Do you have photos of the battery's plugs?

In theory, you could create a compatible lead and then run any B6 or similar LiPo charger which (in my experience) will charge a pack like that in <1hr on the mains. However, I am very wary of any blue wrapped cheap Chinese import packs as they tend to be highly variable in quality.

You can replace it with pretty much any 2S (7.4V) LiPo that will fit into your drone - for longer run time you'll want one with a greater capacity (the current pack is 2000mAh). There will be a limit in terms of weight but there are plenty of high power packs around that are intended primarily for aerial use where weight is a concern. You don't tend to get packs with a discharge rating much lower than 25C so as long as any replacement pack has the same, or greater, capacity as the current pack it's current output shouldn't be an issue.

You could also invest in a better charger. As Boff mentioned most decent hobby chargers will be able to charge a pack more quickly than that charger as they charge via the main power leads rather than the balance leads, and are capable of significantly greater charging currents. If it's taking 4 hours to charge that pack then the charger is likely only outputting 0.5A (in this case that equates to 0.25C although, unlike most chargers which allow you to vary the output current, the current from this one will be fixed regardless of the capacity) - 1C is normally the recommended charge rate for LiPos which would equate to 2A for this pack (by definition charging a pack at 1C will fully charge it from flat in about an hour). If you know a pack is capable of greater charge rates, and you can live with the fact that the pack will have a shorter usable life as a result, you could even charge it at an even higher rate (maybe 2C and possibly even more depending on the individual pack - check before attempting higher charge rates though as reputable pack manufacturers normally list max charge rates - if in doubt don't exceed 1C) to charge the pack in half an hour or even less.

You wouldn't quite get double the run time by doubling the capacity of the pack (extra weight means the motors will have to work harder to keep the drone in the air) but a better charger could easily reduce the charge time by 75% or even more (I'd be wary of charging that pack at much higher a rate than the charger currently does though, and certainly not more than 1C - it's likely a cheap pack and may not take well to higher charging rates). The best option would probably to get one or more decent quality packs (more than one would allow you to charge and fly simultaneously although you should't leave the charging pack unsupervised) with a similar, or potentially slightly higher, capacity along with a decent charger. That way you'll have a similar, or slightly longer, run time per charge but you'll have significantly less downtime between flights.

Thanks guys - Boff is this what you were looking for:

(I've just had a test flight in my not massive garden and will need a big space to practice with this but I think it's gonna capture some great footage) Smile

That's a HTX connector. It sounds like your charger is pretty feeble. Any decent hobby charger will be able to cut your charge times significantly.

You'll probably need to buy some new charge leads for your charger too. HTX isn't widely used anymore but you can get charge leads/adapters from Hobbyking.

Cheers mate!

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