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FDT fundraising for charity

* pasted from FB update

I've been thinking for a while about getting some charity style wristbands made up to help spread FDT, but I really wanted to find a charity we could align to. Last week that charity presented itself Smile

Tourette Scotland is "a registered charity dedicated to providing support and information to people living with Tourette Syndrome and to promoting empathy not sympathy".

I heard that Tourette Scotland had lost all their funding, meaning they lost their head office premises and the staff who ran the office. They now have an emergency phone line for those families who need support, but this is manned by someone who has a day job. The paid member of staff who ran the office provided advice and support when new people were diagnosed and she's now gone.

When I heard this I was taken aback that such an important registered charity could have it's application for funding turned down.

So, I've put in an order for 500 FDT/Tourette Scotland wristbands which should be here in a few weeks. They are glow in the dark green as I was informed kids will love these!

I plan to sell these for 2 each and raise as much as possible for TS. If we sell them all we should clear 800. I've ordered 250 in kids size and 250 in adult. It would be great if you could help us out, not just by buying some but by selling these on as well Smile

I've also made a commitment to donate on a monthly basis from the profits from the Transgression Park events in 2017. Hopefully we can run a fund raising FDT event further down the line as well.
NB This won't affect the Xmas Advent Calendars that I usually donate to the foodbank - they'll still be donated at the start of next week Smile

I hope I can count on your help to sell all these bands - thanks in advance.

NB now I know this is for a Scottish charity but if anyone down south wants to help out please let me know and I'll cover postage - maybe sending a consignment to GuN and any future Bristol events might help reach several people at once.

Pic of bands:

ExcelLent idea buddy.

You need to take this to the media.  It's not self promotion if it's getting the story of what's happened to the charity and how people can help,  out there.

Good call Minky.

Quick update - I've now received the charity wristbands! If anyone would like to buy some just post below or PM me - I'll cover postage.

Would be good to get some to GuN this weekend - if one of you guys want some just let me know Smile

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