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FDT Mannequin Challenge

I normally avoid the latest trends but I was told the kids would like it, so last night we staged the FDT Mannequin Challenge. A few wobbles but for over 60 people not bad at all Smile


Awesome ...wrong music tho 😋

Great effort.

There's swearing in the normal music, so its a good choice as all those kids will want to see themselves

That is very impressive. How you got that many children to stay still...

I still hate internet trends.
The Dark Kitten

Looks good. Must have been a pain to get the kids to stay still so i forgive you for the occasional twitch!
Here we go, Nerf is going to mainstream!

Yeah the song everyone uses has the "F" word in it - no way I was using that when so many of the kids will watch this! (And the song is garbage) Wink

I thought the intro to Thunderstuck was perfect Smile

And yeah, I hate internet trends but the kids loved doing it Smile

That was awesome and I always love. Bit of ac/dc classic such as thunderstruck lol

Awesome effort! That skate park looks huuuuuuge and an awesome place for these wars

Thanks a lot! Yeah it's massive. Takes 70 players at a push. We just signed up to host wars at a skate park in Leeds and are always looking for more venues across the UK. Hopefully something down your way eventually!

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