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FDT Promotional Video

I bit the bullet and paid for a camera crew to come along to the skate park at Transgression Park in late September to make a wee promo video - same stuff I normally do but done properly for a change! One of our Nerf Dad's is a video editor and did the editing for free! And I have all the stock footage so will plough through that and see if I can make some other videos from this.

I also paid for the music track so it's all above board. Hopefully this will allow potential new players, and other skate parks, to see what we do.

This is also the first footage of us playing Volleybomb - I can't remember who came up with this but thank  you - it's now my favourite game and I know our players love it too. We run it with 2 bombs at once.

Hope you guys enjoy the wee video Smile

This is a brilliant promo video! The event looks fantastic, you should be proud of what you have going there.
The Dark Kitten

Very nice, complemented the music and was brought together well as a whole.
It really makes me want to grab a coach down to you guys, might have to persuade some mates.

Thanks a lot guys.

It wasn't cheap but i think it's been worth it. That will go on my site and youtube channel as the "feature" video on the channel page. I had planned to record some heavy music with some mates but it would have taken an age and probably cost the same as buying a few tracks (I have another alternative version of the video with a different track for use later on).

Where are you based D Kitten?

I might rock the boat here, but it wasn't as much of a difference in quality / editing over your usual stuff as I expected, which I think says a great deal about the quality of videos you already make!

Really does make the events look good though.

Thanks for that mate, but I see a big difference. These guys are an ex TV news camera crew and had some great cameras, nothing I can compete with using iPhone and Go Pro.

It's maybe more evident on the second video I have - more slo mo footage and different angles - stuff I struggle to get.

I really do run out of ideas/angles after so many events. I took some Volleybomb footage from the Go Pro up on the parent's spectator's gallery on Saturday and am looking forward to seeing how that came out.

Looking good

Looks great

Hahaha! That looks so fun! Good job!

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