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Finally got a Blaster in the Misses Hands

Picked up a 4 victory recently and casually left it lying around in the kitchen, once the kids were in bed she picked it up and squarely aimed at my crotch...

Luckily shes got bad aim so the boys stayed in tact. I let her have a bit of fun then went to the shed and got the NF and EAT and let her shoot me with them as well and in the end she was enjoying it (mostly trying to hurt me)
I then dropped one shot on her bum just to let her know how much it hurts haha
Progress we'll get a war going  soon!

How did she take being shot?

I managed to get my wife involved with a family game of Nerf over the summer, aiming it as a thing to get the kids out of the house. She loved it, but then hasn't shown any interest in doing it again or joining in a real game!

I've taken crotch shots before. They're not as bad as you'd think.

My G/F's delight at her Secret Shot for her birthday was followed by a mini-war around her (very spacious) flat, and then she suggested a game of strip Nerf.

Beat that gentlemen.

       BRIT NERF Forum Index -> General Nerf Discussion
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