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First attempt at tac-gear

For a first attempt at any kind of tac-gear, I don't think it turned out too bad

The Dark Kitten

Looks very good.
How tight is the fit? As you may find that the longer mags will bounce around and be a pain mounted upwards. So if you have a good fit you could get away with 12s hanging upside down.
Still looks great! What materials were used?

Looking good Smile

Fit is tight enough that I can hold it upside down and mag stays in but if I shake it around it will fall out. Used Duct tape, cardboard and frame from a little plastic drawer set I bought in poundworld which makes it rigid and was able to make the belt loops out of it.

Great job!

I love seeing stuff like this ^_^

This is an excellent execution, especially for a first attempt! My first attempts were far less functional (READ: Basically non-functional).

Just finished leg holster for stryfe and dump pouch

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