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First Danish war

Date: 28th of January
Time: 10-15
Location: Risbjergskolen, Risbjergvej 10-20, 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

I know this won't be relevant for most of you but if you are in Copenhagen for some reason, come and say hi!
So, after a bit of planning i will be hosting the first (as far as i know) Danish War! I would like to try some different gamemodes like CTF, kill confirmed, death match and volleybomb depending on how many people show up. We don't have limits on velocity in Denmark, but most participants will probably be very young.

Ps: There will be cake!

I'm actually in Denmark about 3 weeks after your event.

Have a great time buddy. I hope it goes well!
The Dark Kitten

Good luck with this! I do hope this goes well.
This should be an excellent opportunity to set up an official danish community.
Have fun, be safe.

Well done for starting it up - best of luck with it!

Brilliant to see you going for it after talking about it on Discord! Good luck! I'm sure it'll be a Lot of fun!

I would love to come for Nerf-Hooga, but I won't be able to then. My wife and I were talking about visiting Denmark, though, so maybe at some point in the future we'd love to!
UK Foam

Look forward to seeing photos!

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