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First mod

So after seeing BigAls double rampage I got inspired to do my first mod,  I learnt a few things along the way not least that trying to paint a blue blaster white isn't as easy as you'd expect.
I used mechanical fixings to hold the two handles together as well as gluing and filling them as the joins will be under a lot of pressure during priming.
Internally not much has changed, springs have been upgraded to BSUK 5kg ones, barrels swapped out for raider fluted barrels and all moving parts lubricated.
I finished it off with padded grip wraps which makes it a lot nicer to use as I have large hands and it gives grips a bit of extra bulk.

I will be working on a stock for it but first attempt didn't work out the way I was planning and spoilt the feel of the blaster.

I like your almost yin and yang paint job, nice one!  My Rampage has been getting neglected due to me getting all into flywheels but you've made me think I need to get it into one of my builds. Forgive my ignorance but why swap out the barrels for raiders?

I was going for a yin yang paint job and was going to stencil one onto the original stock but stock design didn't work out so need to think of something different.
The barrels in the raiders are fluted as opposed to the rifled barrels in the rampage so there's less friction on the dart when fired.

Perhaps paint a couple of drum mags complementing the design,  that way you'd have the circular space on the front of them to stick the design onto?
The Dark Kitten

You have shown me the whole build process and yet the whole build amazes and surprises me!
The paint job one is stunning and the 2 sides 2 colours looks great.
With two drums i feel there will be great resistance from the best of players and zeds.
Looking forward to see what you'll make next!

Ha Ha nice one. I may get around to doing mine properly one day rather than just duct tape Laughing Like the paint job as well, very nice. I think It was Blastaway that did this first (that's where I got the idea anyway) and I love it, I am still astounded at how well it functioned when I used it at Grim Up Nerf, hope you get to test it in battle soon. Have you tested it much? Just make sure you are very firm on the prime with the upgrade springs getting them to both catch needs a bit of technique I find.

Really nice mod mate!

For a first mod it looks AMAZING quite a challenge for your first mod.

Do you know what sort of performance it's getting?

Look forward to see this at a war!

Not sure about performance yet, was thinking about getting a chrono soon to test out mods as I do them.

If it's just the BSUK upgrade springs in it there should be chrono data in the vault for it. They are usually fairly accurate and a good guide for what it should be shooting.

Closest I could find to a similar setup was the rampatroopa using the OMW 5kg spring and fluted barrel which averages close to 80fps. Doubt it's going to be much different to that but it's such good fun to use the performance doesn't have to be spectacular. 80fps is ideal for kid safe games as well where the game play isn't as serious.

Yeah they are fine, it's what I use in most games and gives you enough  power to compete but not be to over the top if there are kids about.
UK Foam

I love how tidy the grips look! This is amazing!

I always go for taci-"cool" mods and never go for anything wild but I really envy those who do!

Good on you!

I love all this double blasters stuff!!!

5kg Rampage data shows 93fps average.

That's excellent thanks, didn't see that one.

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